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David on 16 Apr 2021 (Edited on 29 Apr 2021)
Latest activity Reply by GT on 16 Apr 2021

Introducing content recommendations, a new feed on the community home page with personalized content just for you. MATLAB Central has hundreds of thousands of posts, including files, blogs, questions, and answers. We’re always looking for opportunities to better serve the community as it continues to grow so that visitors can easily help one another and ultimately find what they're looking for.

MATLAB Central has been around for a long time, 20 years this year - more on this milestone in a separate post later. With so much great content it can be a challenge to find what you're looking for or discover new things. We have search and browsing capabilities across the community but even with these robust features you still might not discover some very interesting or relevant content. In the spirit of trying to make sure you don't miss out, we've just released our first version of our recommended content feed. You can see this new feed on the community home page, visible by default via the 'For You' tab.

Recommendations are pulled from across MATLAB Central based on what we think would be relevant to you. We think we have a good starting point and plan on tweaking the algorithms now that it's live. So, expect the feed to only get more relevant over time.

We hope you will find this feature helpful and as always please reply with any feedback you may have.

GT on 16 Apr 2021

Fantastic addition:) I will try it out. Side note would be a cool challenge to let the community come up with the best algorithm, even cooler if that algorithm also appeared on MATLAB Central and GitHub.

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