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ThingSpeak and IFTTT on Hackster

By Doug Mawrey on 9 Feb 2018
Latest activity Reply by Doug Mawrey on 22 Feb 2018

I've been working on a smart humidity sensor project that demonstrates the current ThingSpeak and IFTTT workflow. The project uses two ThingSpeak channels and two MATLAB Analyses to send users a notification when the room is too dry or too humid.

I used a NodeMCU ESP8266 programmed with the Arduino IDE to take readings from an Adafruit DHT11 sensor and upload them to the first ThingSpeak channel. The second channel is populated with data from a scheduled MATLAB Analysis that calculates the ideal indoor humidity using outdoor temperature data from the MathWorks weather station.

I've written a tutorial on detailing the steps I took to create the project. If you're just looking to see how to trigger IFTTT from ThingSpeak, feel free to jump to parts 4 and 5c of the story.

By Hans Scharler on 22 Feb 2018

Thanks again for documenting your Smart Humidity Sensor project. I just included it on the MathWorks IoT Blog.

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Looks good, the blog post provides a convenient overview of each major component. Thanks for putting it together.

By Hans Scharler on 16 Feb 2018

I noticed that you are using metadata in the channel settings for your conditions. I really like that idea. Now, you can edit the metadata on ThingSpeak and this changes the MATLAB script conditions.