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xiaoyan tian

How to get the information data in the generated image like this?

xiaoyan tian on 2 Jan 2024
Latest activity Reply by xiaoyan tian on 4 Jan 2024

how can I do to get those informations?
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 2 Jan 2024
If these data are within a datatip in MATLAB, you need to get the datatip handle and then you'll have access to the text within the datatip.
One way is to use this file exchange function
xiaoyan tian
xiaoyan tian on 3 Jan 2024
I don't actually find this function in R2023b. Is it a version problem?
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 3 Jan 2024
The link I shared takes you to the file exchange where you can download the file. The file exchange hosts tools developed by the community and some by MathWorks but these tools do not come with MATLAB. When you download the file, save it to your matlab folder or another folder that is on your matlab path.
xiaoyan tian
xiaoyan tian on 4 Jan 2024
thanks so much!! Ithink I can try following your suggestion

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