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Producing animated gifs from MATLAB Flipbook Mini Hack entries

Mike Croucher on 16 Feb 2024
Latest activity Reply by Chen Lin on 16 Feb 2024

On Valentine's day, the MathWorks linkedIn channel posted this animated gif
and immeditaely everyone wanted the code! It turns out that this is the result of my remix of @Zhaoxu Liu / slandarer's entry on the MATLAB Flipbook Mini Hack.
I pointed people to the Flipbook entry but, of course, that just gave the code to render a single frame and people wanted the full code to render the animated gif. That way, they could make personalised versions
I just published a blog post that gives the code used by the team behind the Mini Hack to produce the animated .gifs
Thanks again to @Zhaoxu Liu / slandarer for a great entry that seems like it will live for a long time :)
the cyclist
the cyclist on 16 Feb 2024
So, people actually think this is better than my Low-budget Valentine for MATLAB Nerds from 2011? I can't imagine why.
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 16 Feb 2024

It's better in the way that you can add names. Haha

Mike Croucher
Mike Croucher on 16 Feb 2024
lol! I love low-budget Valentine's. Just ask my fiancee ;)
Of course what's even nicer these days is that you can open it in MATLAB Online direct from file exchange with just one click. I did this from GitHub recently and LinkedIn loved it
Chen Lin
Chen Lin on 16 Feb 2024

I saw a comment that people want to customize names on the GIF. I like that idea a lot. Hope to see a File Exchange submission like that.

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