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GUI for distillation columns: McCabe and Thiele Method.

version (9.42 KB) by Claudio Gelmi
GUI tool for estimating the theoretical number of plates of a distillation column


Updated 29 Jan 2009

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This GUI uses a constant relative volatility (alpha) to estimate the equilibrium curve. From there, the GUI uses the "McCabe and Thiele Graphical Method" to estimate the ideal number of plates in the column.

A reference is provided in the GUI: look in Help/About.

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Claudio Gelmi (2021). GUI for distillation columns: McCabe and Thiele Method. (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (26)

okan üstünyer

José Vado


I get an error with this; the window that opens is of a small size and I don't really see all the button except for one, because the rest are all cropped out. It seems like it's zoomed in too much in my case. Any way to fix it? Thanks




Miguel Arriola

Javier Gomez

Simply Exellent

Yo Yung

good tool!

Morne Booysen

nice and easy

Rodrigo Soto

Parece que los señores anónimos que evaluaron la función negativamente, no saben ni usan MATLAB. Una pena el poco aporte constructivo. Para mí ha sido una excelente adición al FileExchange. Aparte de estar muy bien programada. Gracias por compartir.

ali safety

safetyali mohamed

ali safety

Rodrigo Diaz

Un programa muy bien hecho y util. Gracias por compartirlo.

? ??

? ??

Freddy Fuentes

Excelent for homework

Gustavo Tapia

Felipe Soto

Muy útil y buena herramienta. Gracias.


Claudio Gelmi

New error checks were incorporated in the GUI. Thanks for pointing that out.

javad tamam

it fail without error if compositions is grater than unity(1)

Zhuoyang Lian

Excellent work. Not an easy work Claudio :)

Mary S.

Thanks! Excellent for mass transfer homeworks!!

César Sáez

Excellent tool. Very useful to the college teaching.

Jorge Gaete

Excellent tool. Easy to use with a great visual interface.

Swapnil G

Great tool for teaching distilation

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