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McCabe-Thiele Method for an Ideal Binary Mixture

version (5.88 KB) by Housam Binous
Computes number of theoretical plates.


Updated 25 Jul 2007

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The program computes the number of equilibrium stages for a binary ideal mixture with relative volatility equal to 2.45. The feed is a two phase mixture with a feed quality is equal to 0.85. The distillate, feed and bottom mole fractions are 0.9, 0.5 and 0.1, respectively. The reflux ratio is taken to be 1.51435 . We draw the McCabe and Thiele Diagram and get the number of theoretical plates equal to 9. A similar code using Mathematica 6.0 is available at the following link:

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kumar shanu

Celestino Montiel-Maldonado

Hrishikesh Dalvi

Amazing dude..

waqas iqbal

to good

ahmad zarrin abadi

is a very good

Suresh Rajan

naresh palla


krishna srikanth


ali soheily

vijay kumar

give more information like explor and beyond the basic

grand graftsman

this is off the hook

sudheerkumar vattamwar

your macabe thiele program is not flexible.
try to make it user friendly.

Karan Gupta

also try to upload a program which does not consider constant volatility



Ashfaq Anwer


added link to Demonstration project

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