fdep: a pedestrian function dependencies finder

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FDEP dissects ML files and iteratively looks for all user defined functions used during runtime
Updated 20 Jun 2010

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FDEP dissects MATLAB files and iteratively looks for all user defined functions (modules), which are used during runtime

FDEP retrieves for each module its
- subfunctions
- nested functions
- anonymous functions
- eval class calls
- unresolved calls
and all
- ML stock functions
- ML built-in functions
- ML classes
- ML toolboxes
that it uses

runtime options and returned macros create user-friendly,
intuitively comprehensible, and interactive GUIs, which
- list the results in various panels and listboxes
- plot a full synopsis for each module with
exhaustive information
- plot a full dependency matrix
- plot a runtime and modules tree

in essence, FDEP is a wrapper for DEPFUN and MLINT; however, due to an efficient pruning engine it is considerably (20-100 times!) faster

FDEP is particularly useful if you want to distribute your functions and need so see what else to include as well as the toolboxes they use

FDEP may be useful to debug an erroneous function with correct syntax

> help fdep
and the accompanying published M-file for help and an exhaustive example

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Created with R14
Compatible with any release
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Version Published Release Notes

all files now are read by very fast low-level i/o subroutines; version tag 21-Jun-2010 02:16:53

now takes care of a very rare anomaly; version tag 17-Jun-2010 20:28:11

changes in the lint-engine (r2010+); version tag 26-May-2010 11:15:35

clicking on a toolbox in the tbx panel now highlights in the modules list all modules, which use this tbx (user request); a new output field contains a comprehensive listing of tbxs and the modules they use the tbx; version tag 30-Jan-2010 03:30:06

the parser now accepts meta method class descriptors, which takes care of Andreas's problem; version tag 18-Jun-2009 09:41:57

added a runtime/modules tree display, more information in the module synopsis, new macros, version tag 08-Jun-2009 22:24:13

floating button list for main tasks; vastly enhanced module synopsis window contents and functionality; new window manager to easily find a FDEP associated window and bring it to the top; enhanced help module; version tag 11-Jul-2008 18:28:12