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Tracking Tools (Optitrack)

version (2.43 KB) by Glen Lichtwark
Demo on how to use the Tracking Tools API from Matlab to interface with Optitrack cameras.


Updated 22 Jan 2010

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% TT_Tools_demo(project_file)
% This function demonstrates basic functionality of the Tracking Tools API
% from Natural Point (to be used with Optitrack). Before use it is
% essential to have calibrated cameras and created the desirable
% trackable/s and save these in a project file. The project file is then
% passed to the function and the library loaded if need be before
% attempting to plot any data
% Input - project_file - a string containing path and filename for the
% project file that is to be used (default value assigned if
% not assigned)
% Written by Glen Lichtwark, University of Queensland, Australia
% Last updated: 22nd Jan 2010
% Please acknowledge in any academic papers which may utilise this code

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Glen Lichtwark (2021). Tracking Tools (Optitrack) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Or Hirshfeld

Hi Akhil, the ans for TT_Initialize, TT_LoadProject and TT_Shutdown should be 0 than it's mean that everything is ok but if it something else you can lookup using a command TT_GetResultString or just lookup this table:

#define NPRESULT_SUCCESS 0 //== Successful Result ================================-------
#define NPRESULT_FILENOTFOUND 1 //== File Not Found ===================================-------
#define NPRESULT_LOADFAILED 2 //== Load Failed ======================================-------
#define NPRESULT_FAILED 3 //== Failed ===========================================-------
#define NPRESULT_INVALIDFILE 8 //== Invalid File =====================================-------
#define NPRESULT_INVALIDCALFILE 9 //== Invalid Calibration File =========================-------
#define NPRESULT_UNABLETOINITIALIZE 10 //== Unable To Initialize =============================-------
#define NPRESULT_INVALIDLICENSE 11 //== Invalid License ==================================-------
#define NPRESULT_NOFRAMEAVAILABLE 14 //== No Frames Available ==============================-------

Akhil Jain

Hi Glen. I was trying to use your code with MATLAB 7.11.1 and TT 2.5.3 32 bit. Whenever I run this code on MATLAB my cameras get automatically switched off and get an output of ans = 0. Can you please help me out with this ? Thank you.

Or Hirshfeld

Great code
It's Helped me a lot

Now I want to move to newer versions
so I wish to create interface between Simulink to Motive I already succeed to interface between Matlab and Motive through NatNet, I reviewed the sample available with NatNet SDK to do so but I'm having trouble to migrate it to Simulink, I tried using Matlab function block unsuccessfully, it's have problem to use the dll command.

the error i got from Simulink is : Undefined function or variable 'NatNetML.NatNetClientML'.

I want to thanks Glen Lichtwark sample that helped me writing interface to matlab

the code i tried is the follwing:

function [x,y,z,yaw,pitch,roll] = Location_Orinteation_Motive_64bit(RigidBody_ID) %#codegen
dllPath = fullfile('c:','NatNetSDK2.5','lib','x64','NatNetML.dll');
assemblyInfo = NET.addAssembly(dllPath);
dllPath = fullfile('c:','NatNetSDK2.5','lib','x64','NatNetML.dll');
assemblyInfo = NET.addAssembly(dllPath);
theClient = NatNetML.NatNetClientML(0); % Input = iConnectionType: 0 = Multicast, 1 = Unicast
% Connect to an OptiTrack server (e.g. Motive)
HostIP = char('');
theClient.Initialize(HostIP, HostIP); % Flg = returnCode: 0 = Success
% data
frameOfData = theClient.GetLastFrameOfData()
rigidBodyData = frameOfData.RigidBodies(RigidBody_ID)
% angle
q = quaternion( rigidBodyData.qx, rigidBodyData.qy, rigidBodyData.qz, rigidBodyData.qw ); % extrnal file quaternion.m
qRot = quaternion( 0, 0, 0, 1); % rotate pitch 180 to avoid 180/-180 flip for nicer graphing
q = mtimes(q, qRot);
angles = EulerAngles(q,'zyx');
yaw = angles(2) * 180.0 / pi;
pitch = -angles(1) * 180.0 / pi; % must invert due to 180 flip above
roll = -angles(3) * 180.0 / pi; % must invert due to 180 flip above

Or Hirshfeld


I'm getting:
Caught unexpected "char*" Exception message is:
Index out of range

what should i do about it? i tried every thing

Glen Lichtwark

Jose9, are you using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Matlab? The 64-bit version will not work, however perhaps if you install the new version of Motive with your Tracking Tools license, then this may work. I will test this in the coming months.


Hi Glen, I'm interested in your work, i have just purchased TT 2.5.0, and i used your matlab code with any succeed, and do you have any idea about the solution of this.

Thank very much

Glen Lichtwark

For anyone who is interested, I have recently tried running previously posted Matlab code on the latest 64-bit version of TT (2.5.0) with a 64-bit version of Matlab and haven't succeeded. It seems that 'loadlibrary' throws an error that I can't pinpoint the source of. I will look into this further for a solution....


Easy to use, clear and work fine, many thanks Glen!

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