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version (25.3 MB) by Or Hirshfeld
new version include many goods


Updated 17 Aug 2015

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new version include many goods
or hirshfeld
אור הירשפלד

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Or Hirshfeld (2021). orhirshfeld/Simulink_Motive_API_v3 (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Kidus Guye

@Yiguo Yan where you able to solve that problem???

Yiguo Yan

Thank for your great job.
I got some trouble.Could you help me?

Warning: Output port 1 of 'Optitrack_Simulink_TrackableLocation/initilaze optittrack' is not
Warning: The function 'TT_TrackableID' was not found in the library
> In loadlibrary
Warning: The function 'TT_SetTrackableID' was not found in the library
> In loadlibrary
notfound =

1×2 cell array

'TT_SetTrackableID' 'TT_TrackableID'

warnings =

0×0 empty char array

ans =


ans =


Kidus Guye

I tried to run your simulink and it give me this error 'Failed to load library 'rtwinlib' referenced by 'Optitrack_Simulink_TrackableLocation/Real-Time Synchronization'' what do you think is the problem>?

Araceli Pulido

Ann McInroy


First off thanks for uploading this! I'm trying to run the program and am encountering some issues with MATLAB crashing. As soon as I initialize the Simulink (display all zeros) MATLAB immediately crashes. I'm running Motive 1.10.1, though I was hoping it should still be compatible. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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