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Level-2 S-function to poll data from Motive trough NatNet


Updated 19 Jan 2015

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This example inspired by an another post on the NaturalPoint Forum allows you to poll the data of a rigid body trough the NatNet librairy offered in Motive.

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Raphael Cherfan (2020). MotiveExample (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Patricia Coman

What parameters do I need to enter in the S-Function block, and what input should I give? Thanks


Thanks for your work,

If you want to use several blocks to simultaneously get the positions for several objects you can add these lines to ProcessFrame methods:

function [D] = ProcessFrame( frameOfData,block )

index_obj = block.InputPort(1).Data;

rigidBodyData = frameOfData.RigidBodies(index_obj);

And then don't forget to call :

In Output methods.


Kidus Guye

Is there anyone who wrote TLC file for this file???

Or Hirshfeld

Great work, really useful
only have an issue while trying to run the model in External mode with Windows Real-Time Target.
It's asking for TLC block file. I'm not sure how I should write this specific file?

Or Hirshfeld

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