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Dynamixel Simulink Library

version (68.9 KB) by Jeihun Lee
Control Library for Dynamixel


Updated 04 Apr 2017

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-) A Dynamixel with DynamixelSDK 3.X(
-) USB to RS485(
-) Dynamixel C Libarary and headers
-) MATLAB (2016b or later)


1. Initialize Dynamixel(s) @"example/init_release_script.m" :
>> Ts = 0.02;
>> myDxl = slDxl('COM4', 1000000);
>> myDxl.findDxls()
>> myDxl
>> myDxl.doEnableTorque(N);
>> myDxl.doEnableTorque(2);

2. Simulation/Algorithm @ @"example/slDxl_Ex.slx" :

3. Release Dynamixel(s) @"example/init_release_script.m" :
>> myDxl.doDisableTorque(1);
>> myDxl.doDisableTorque(2);
>> myDxl.delete()

Finally, more detailed info about use and troubleshooting can be found in the readme.txt file contained in this submission.

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Jeihun Lee (2020). Dynamixel Simulink Library (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

can't find dynamixel_sdk.h

ali jafray

when I did all this , I received this error:
"Function with duplicate name "slDxl" cannot be defined."
it would be highly appreciated if you could help me resolve this issue,

hi, how can i use this with the MX64?


다이나믹셀을 초기화 하는 과정에서

Error : doEnableTorque.getLastRxPacketError

에러가 뜨는데요. 어떻게 해결해야하는지 알려주세요


remove the image of example block

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: Sphero Connectivity Package