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Analyzing Tire Test Data

Tire test data is processed and Magic Formula coefficients are calculated.


Updated 02 Aug 2018

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TireDataAnalysis.mlx processes tire test data from acceleration and brake as well as cornering tests and returns the Pacejka’s Magic Formula coefficients for both a longitudinal and lateral model.

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Works well - the only issue is that the normalised version of the lateral forces doesn't work correctly, as far as I can tell. Since the slip angle and lateral force will have opposite sign in the data, the script will not find a good fit for the data, as it is currently written!

Gage Smith

I think the code works exactly as my team needs it to however, we are trying to get more accurate fits and we don't know how to tighten up the approximations to make them more accurate. Any help on how to improve the accuracy would be greatly appreciated.


thank you for charing this awesome code. It is exactly what we were looking for our project.
Unfortunately it does not run for specific run's of round five of the TTC Data. The problem we have is that following file B1464run35.mat does not work but B1464run36.mat does work. We do not exactly understand what causes the errror. The warning Matlab generates is: "There might be no corresponding slip value". Does someone else has the same warnings and have solved the problem?
For any help, thanks in advance.


Mohit Patil


Updated required MathWorks products information.
Added thumbnail image to FEX site.
Added link to project website.
Minor edit on tire data *.mat-files.
Added tags.

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