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version 1.0.2 (21.7 KB) by Jose M. Requena Plens
Function to modify the style of the graphical representations of MATLAB


Updated 19 Jun 2020

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With this function it is possible to modify multiple style parameters of MATLAB graphic representations. It is only necessary to include the function call after the graphic representation code, that's all.

It can be used in two ways:

* Name-Value pair arguments: setfigpaper('Width',[20,0.65],'Interpreter','Latex'). Only the parameters you want to modify are necessary.
* Values only: setfigpaper([20,0.65],10,'Helvetica','Latex'). With explicit order: (Width,FontSize,FontName,Interpreter,Grayscale,LineWidth).

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Requena-Plens, Jose M. SetFigPaper (, GitHub. 2020.

Comments and Ratings (7)

very convenient function. I used on graphs having many subplots with an additional subplot area (dummy graph without axis) to put a big legend presented in columns. I have parula, paruly colormap on each graph.
1) Using setFigPaper, it remove the column presentation of the legend.
2) from color graphs, the usage of setFigPaper leads to better graph presentation but ...
3) if by mistake you choose (greyscale, true), it is impossible to come back to original colors of your graph. At least (greyscale, false) does not recover the mistake unfortunately.

Really great tool!!

frank cheng

Very useful tool! Very convenient to unify the picture format in the paper!

frank cheng



Fixed: The title in colorbar was not modified.
Added option: Apply to a specific figure.


Fix compatibility issues. If you find any error or the modification does not apply to any item, please inform me and I will try to solve it.

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