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Breaks the x or y axis.

MATLAB function to add an axis break to a plot.CAUTION: break is only aesthetic. Does not alter the plotted data.

Break Y Axis


by MikeCF

Splits the y axis hiding values within a given range

breakyaxis([minYvalue,maxYvalue])Splits the y axis into two separate regions to avoid unnecessary blank space. The split interval is determined by the y-axis values minYvalue and

Break X Axis


by Peter

Splits the x-axis into 2 disjoint regions in order to hide an uninteresting portion of a figure.

of tick marks.6.) Obeys ‘Layer’ property7.) Works with semilogy plots and with either axis reversed8.) Can resize after splitting axis8.) Possible to unsplit axisLimitations1.) No support for semilogx

break Y axis


by Mark

Breaks the Y-axis so that the x-axis will cross the y-axis at 0 and continues at any number

This routine just adds 2 yTicks at the bottom of the y-axis First added ytick will be assigned 0 Second y-tick are two almost horizontal lines to break up the y-axis

The complete palette of ColorBrewer colormaps. Simple selection by scheme name and map length.

peaks(30);surfc(X,Y,Z)colormap(brewermap([],'RdYlGn'))axis([-3,3,-3,3,-10,5])% New colors for the CONTOURCMAP example:brewermap('PuOr'); % preselect the colorscheme.load topoload coastfigureworldmap(topo, topolegend)contourfm(topo, topolegend);contourcmap('brewermap



by Michael Robbins

Produces a plot who's y-axis skips to avoid unecessary blank space.

BreakPlot(x,y,y_break_start,y_break_end,break_type)Produces a plot who's y-axis skips to avoid unecessary blank spaceINPUTxyy_break_starty_break_endbreak_type if break_type='RPatch' the plot will

MATLAB toolbox for visualizing brain data on surfaces.

I have been using this software so it's likely you will break things in ways I didn't predict. If you are having any problems, let me know @ alex.teghipco@uci.edu or through github!To install

Creates a filled contour plot, with more precise control over colors than contourf.

(evencb = true) or to size them according to the clev values (evencb = false). Default is false.h = contourfcmap(...) returns a structure h whose fields hold the colorbar axis handle structure (h.cb, see

breaking the x axis

breaking the x axis also you can convert it to break y axis, easly.a = .1:.01:10;b= sin(a);subplot(2,1,1);plot(a,b)graphic2 = gca;subplot(2,1,2);BreakXAxisv2(a',b',2,7,graphic2)



by Michael Robbins

Produces a plot who's y-axis skips to avoid unnecessary blank space

Produces a plot who's y-axis skips to avoid unecesary blank spaceReplaces BREAKAXIS

Fit experimental data with linear piecewise continuos function with given x-axis break points.

Generates 1-D look-up table (LUT) optimal (least-square sense with continuity constraint) y-axis points from experimental (x,y) data given a vector of x-axis break points.Note that x-axis break

Extended DFT


by Vilnis Liepins

Program EDFT produce high-resolution N-point DFT for N greater than the length of data vector.

frequencies and decrease on others. The sum of resolutions along the frequency axis for both algorithms remains equal to N*length(X)*T. 3. EDFT can estimate amplitudes and phases of sinusoidal components in



by Julie Haas

Inserts < // > into a 'broken' or discontinuous x-axis.

h=BreakXAxis(x,y,start,stop,width) plots (x,y) and breaks the plot's x-axis between and , by inserting a broken-axis symbol &lt; // &gt; into a space wide. This type of plot is often used in

The function BreakAxisandZoom helps users to analyze a portion of high frequency periodic data.

The function BreakAxisandZoom helps users to analyze a part of high frequency periodic data by setting break points on X-axis of the plot by the user. For example, given a sinusoidal plot of very

Engine room simulation for internal combustion chamber [ SI,CI,Square,Under and Over engine , all parameters you need to find in one place ]

shaft offestr , Connectiong rod lengths , distance between the crank axis and wrist pin axisUP/UP averageUP in m/sx , Distance from TDCInstantinous VolumeV/VcAp in m^2combustion chamber surface areaBSP

Moore-Neighbor Tracing to provide the trace of an object's boundary in a binary image.

; boundary( boundary_size, 2 ) = 0; % Scan for the first pixel, Left-to-Right &amp; Top-to-Bottom. for i = 1 : rows for j = 1 : columns if binary( i, j ) == 1 break

scrollsubplot(n,m,p) p<0 and p>nm, Extends subplot to infinite canvas ...

SCROLLSUBPLOT Create axes in tiled positions.SCOLLSUBPLOT(m,n,p), breaks the Figure window intoan m-by-n matrix of small axes, selects the p-th axes for the current plot, and returns the axis handle

Break Bar Plot


by Chintan Patel

Add breaks in the bar plot

This code is derived from BreakAxis matlab file. Basically it adds a 'scale' parameter to reduce the bar sizes in a bar plot. Higher values of scale will reduce the 'tall bars' more.


j=1:mtemp=bitor(temp,bitshift(input_sequence(c1),(j-1)));c1=c1+1;if(c1&gt;length(input_sequence))break;endendmap_out(c2)=b(temp+1);c2=c2+1;end% plotfigure;plot(real(map_out),imag(map_out),'k.');axis ([-5 5 -5 5]);title('CONSTELLATION');

This method segments an image based on the first epoch of Conway's Game of Life, with modified rules

lot of joy from experimenting with this algorithm and I hope you find it useful/ interesting. This may break open a new application for cellular automatons in computer vision. In the .zip is the



by Michael Robbins

Extracts values and formuals form all worksheets in a Microsoft Office Spreadsheet Object (OWC).

, TechAnalTool,MagnetGInput, Spreadsheet, df, fts, dlmreadall, robustreadcsv,plottt, txt, db, mode, matlab, BreakAxis, Tick, Bar, plot, axisatorigin,RegExTools, pcode_helper, SplitTxtFile, PlotDataDays