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A toolbox for Matlab, for solving continuous time trajectory optimization problems



by Jed F.

A simple 'getOpts' type script to validate input parameters.

validateInput started when creating saveppt2. There was a need to take a large number of inputs, in any order, and make them usable to the script. Checking if an input argument has been passed can be

Gbest PSO, Lbest PSO, RegPSO, GCPSO, MPSO, OPSO, Cauchy mutation, and hybrid combinations

lengthy histories is recommended except when generating data to be published or verifying proper toolbox functioning, in which case histories should be analyzed.+ Automatic input validation assertively


Version 1.1.2

by Edoardo Patelli

OpenCossan is an open and free toolbox for uncertainty quantification and management.


Version 1.0.0

by Roland

A Matlab Toolbox to handle mutli-dimensional time series (mdts)

Compatibility Support for Widgets Toolbox content built before to R2020b

an implementation of the primal simplex algorithm for computing the minimum cost flow of the graph

arcs, then define the flow network of the given flow network. This function computes the minimum cost flow for the given flow network.input A , D , G “A” is an N by N matrix whose entries a(i,j) denote

A DPX file parser .

Peak fitting GUI for Diffraction Data

LIPRAS?LIPRAS [LEEP-ruhs], short for Line-Profile Analysis Software, is a graphical user interface for least-squares fitting of Bragg peaks in powder diffraction data. For any region of the inputted data, user

Perform time-frequency analysis without the Signal Processing Toolbox™

Brüel & Kjaer FFT analysers. Based on your input, autofft segments signal, applies window functions and performs spectral averaging. The resulting averaged spectrum, also called modified periodogram


Version 1.0.3

by Matthias Althoff

Toolbox for Reachability Analysis

Crate a valid variable name from a string or cell of strings.


Version 0.1.0

by Andrew Janke

Enhanced clipboard copy & paste functionality for Matlab

A template for creating repos for Matlab library and application projects



by per isakson

Parses, adds defaults and validates the input of functions and methods

classes that are allowed for the value 5. constraints on the value of the input argument ipv is a name/value structure, which holds the complete and validated input data.Documentation

An add-on that allows plotting 2D and 3D robots' workspaces using their DH parameters

Chess Choppers


by Baber Khalid

This is a one and 2 player chess program.


Version 1.0.4

by Marco Gavelli

Matlab/Simulink interface. Easily create Simulink models from a Matlab script.



by John Evans

Mex file interface for reading various raster image formats, optionally providing georeferencing.

Like the built-in input function but with the ability to impose constraints and checks on user input

validateattributes(A,classes,attributes).k = VALIDATEDINPUT(prompt,validationFcn) checks the input using the provided validationFcn.If the user input provided at the prompt is invalid, the user will be informed of the reason why and

Gratuity Calculator for Indian Monthly Salaried Employees

PID, PI-D, I-PD and PIDA genetic algorithm parameters optimization made easy with this GUI

Contains classes to represent reference atmospheric models and USER-DEFINED units, and saved object representing Indian Reference Atmosphere

are:Find atmospheric conditions at a given geometric altitude array, with input and output unitsT = Ira.pressure(45, 'mi', 'bar'); % pressure in bar at 45 miles geometric AMSLa = Ira.lapseRate([24, 9, 68; 32


Version 1.0

by Mick Crosse

A MATLAB package for multivariate permutation testing and effect size measurement

MATLAB interface to OpenTelemetry

Fast approximate string to double parsing for real or complex numbers.


Version 1.0.0

by Anurak Thungtong

HRViewer is a matlab software tool designed for in deep viewing and comparing HRV indices computed from different EKG files as well as diffe

input file for HRVviewer. In other word, we compute HRV using HRVmass and view the HRV indices using HRViewer.The important feature of HRViewer is that you can compare HRV measured from different patient


Version 1.1.1

by Andrew Janke

A Matlab API for extensible, polymorphic custom object display

Ultrafast saving of workspace variables as bytestreams. Especially useful for big cells and structs.

error checking, user stopping, validating user inputs

This code is explained in the following YouTube Video:While Loops - Validate User Input: https://youtu.be/LyKb1MvCiG8 In this video I cover how to code while loops in MATLAB and how these can be used

Signal Processing & Machine Learning workflow on smartphone data for Human Activity Recognition.

A statistics toolbox for neuroimaging.

This demo shows how to implement convolutional neural network (CNN) for image classification with multi-input. カスタムループを用いて複数入力のCNNを実装します。

Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Network with Multi-Input[English]This demo shows how to implement convolutional neural network (CNN) for image classification with multi-input using

MATLAB toolbox for stochastically rounded elementary arithmetic operations in IEEE 754 floating-point arithmetic.

. 4.4, 2] * twoprodfma: augmented product [Alg. 4.8, 2]The functions in 1. do not check the input arguments, thus are more efficient but less robust. The interface in 2. checks that all input

Easy to use, GUI based tool to analyze, validate, postprocess, visualize and simulate (micro) PIV data. Optional parallel computing.

Acquire inputs and send outputs on Arduino boards

PID controller simulator on an LTI system w/ or w/o input delays

coefficients of the numerator and denominator polynomials of its transfer function. System's input delay and the feedback transfer function can now be taken into consideration in this new version.

Intersectm, ismemberm, setdiffm, setxorm, unionm with multiple inputs. Ex: intersectm(a,b,c,…).

Have you ever tried to find the common elements/rows to more than two sets without using a loop?Now you can with multiple-input set functions: Intersectm, ismemberm, setdiffm, setxorm, unionm.Brief

TCP/IP server and client for Matlab

Predefined dialog box function to accept user inputs of several forms

DeleteFcn callbacks. The callback function takes additional input arguments to standard MATLAB callback arguments.- INPUTSDLG returns the user entries in a cell or in a structure- INPUTSDLG is backward

Easy to use variable lenght input parameter parser mechanism with validation.

MLS package: To be able to install this library as an MLS package, you have to download it from GitHub as an MLS package: https://github.com/tiborsimon/simple-input-parser/releases/latestEasy to use

This toolbox offers convolution neural networks (CNN) using k-fold cross-validation, which are simple and easy to implement.

Export a variety of inputs (patch, surface) to an STL triangular mesh

- Single colour (1-by-3) or one-colour-per-face (N-by-3) vector of RGB colours, for face/vertex input. RGB range is 5 bits (0:31), stored in VisCAM/SolidView

matlab blue-white-red colorbar, while zero always corresponds to white color. see also darkb2r

, respectively. The color white always correspondes to value zero. You should input two values like caxis in matlab, that is the min and the max value of color values designed. e.g. colormap(b2r(-3,5

Additional validator functions for Matlab

Validoozy for Matlab====================In R2017a, Matlab introduced "mustBe*()" validator functions, for doing declarative-ish constraints on properties and function arguments. Validoozy provides



by Jos (10584)

All combinations of input (v4.2, apr 2018)

number of elements of the N inputs. This functionality is also known as the Cartesian Product. The arguments can be numerical and/or characters, or they can be cell arrays. Examples

PEMF cross-validation

Version 2016.1.0.0

by ADAMS Lab

PEMF is predictive (cross-validation type) approach to test surrogate models.

Regression (SVR), and Neural Networks. It can be perceived as a novel sequential and predictive implementation of K-fold cross-validation. PEMF takes as input a model trainer (e.g., RBF-multiquadric or

Set of methods for generating Procrustes validation sets for PCA/SIMCA, PCR and PLS models.

Procrustes cross-validation is a new approach for validation of chemometric models. It makes possible to generate a new dataset, named "PV-set" and use it for validation of models in the same way as

Digitize plots expressed in the spherical projections: Wulff and Lambert.

Dfield for MATLAB R2017b

The app is used for PKPD Modeling and Simulation.

supplying over 17 validity indices and 5 clustering algorithms based on GUI

Cluster validation is an important and necessary step in cluster analysis. This visual cluster validation tool CVAP based on GUI provides important tools and convenient analysis environment for

Allows to read input keyboard during Simulink simulation

Improvements respect original "Simulink Keyboard Input":- second output for triggering key arrival (for Subsystems and Char)- inherited sampling time- close window on close- handle of window as state

This submission demonstrates Power Plant Model Validation as applied to online performance monitoring of grid events

This submission demonstrates Power Plant Model Validation as applied to online performance monitoring of grid events using phasor measurement unit (PMU) data, through a workflow that includes both

A function which Validates given IPV4address.

the IP address you want to Validate . This function returns a value 1 if success else 0 . If any other matlab data types apart from string type are passed to this function then also it returns a value 0

We present a generalization of partitional clustering.


Version 2.4.1

by Agah Karakuzu

Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Made Easy with qMRLab: Use GUI or CLI to fit and simulate a myriad of qMRI models.

Panic Simulator


by Julian

Simulates panic behaviour in modifiable rooms with one exit

FOMCON toolbox for MATLAB is dedicated to fractional-order modeling and control of dynamic systems.

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