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Variational Bayesian Analysis (VBA)



by Jason Sherfey


version 1.0.0

by Tor Wager

Core tools required for running Canlab Matlab toolboxes. The heart of this toolbox is object-oriented tools that enable interactive analysis


version 2.0.0

by Farhad Sedaghati

This code gets different single fig files and plot all of them together inside a new figure.

This code is used once there are several saved fig files and the goal is to open all of them together in a new figure as different subplots. The order of subplots is based on the order in which

This code will generate an animation displaying the spread of COVID-19 and save it as a video file. Data is obtained and processed from HDX.


version 1.0.0

by kefei

copy plots in one figure to another subplot axes

% function figure2subplot(f1,ax1)% copy whole figure into another subplot axes% f1: source of plot% ax1: target subplot axes

A wrapper for subplots() which allows declaring the subplot grid only once, and enables easily access to the grid's axes.

A subplot handler, to be used instead of subplot(). Main features:- Subplot grid is defined once, instead of at each axis creation.- Option to auto-determine grid dimensions by giving only the total

Helps with organizing and referring to SUBPLOT axes with an interactive grid tile chooser.

This simple class helps with using SUBPLOT(M, N, P) by showing the SUBPLOT gridthat will be created. The user can interactively choose the grid tiles that shouldbe used for each axes by brushing the

The Brick Toolbox is a set of utility functions for Matlab.

Simple tools for demonstrating encoding and decoding a sequence of DTMF tones.

EEG brain-computer interface system for providing real-time speech entrainment neurofeedback

MATLAB function for plotting data in table

Simultaneously multivariate and multidimensional EMD


version 3.1.1

by Simon W

SpinW Matlab library for spin wave calculation

This is a MatLAB function to compute linear-elastic damped response spectrum of time series

Replot individual figures as sub axes on one figure with many subplots.

Take individual figures and put them together into one figure with multiple subplots.Inspiration from Bruno Luong

Automated data importing tool with time series management and visualization capabilities

Plot Nyquist Didactic

version 2.0.0

by fhz

A very simple function to understand Cauchy's argument principle and Nyquist Stability Criterion with 4 preprogrammed contours.

Resources for the book on Creating Movies and Video Simulations on MATLAB

A workflow developed to tackle the challenge of building and analyzing biochemical pathway models.

Code for paper figures

This code is to separate subplots into the full plot which you can save.

Please use "help Sub_Fig_Divider" and "help Example_File" to know how to use this code in separating the subplots.

Adds letters (A), (B), ... to subplots in a figure.

AddLetters2Plots - adds letters (A), (B), ... to subplots in a figure.This function adds letters to the axes located by default at the top left of the axes on your figure. You can change the letters

Creates subplot axes similar to the subplot function, but minimizes the white space between the different axes. Can be used for single axes.

Creates subplot axes similar to the subplot function, but minimizes the white space between the different axes. Similar to the "Expand axes to fill figure" command in the export tool but works for

Toolbox to help estimate SVAR and input inpulse responses


version 4.5

by A David Redish

MClust is a Matlab-based spike sorting toolbox for the separation of putative cells from multi-site neurophysiological recordings. It is pa

Calculates balanced m,n values for a subplot given a number of plots. For example, input: 24, output: [6 4]

Finds the pair of divisors of an integer that are closest to each other to provide a balanced number of row and column plots for subplot.

Create subplots with multiple plot types

This is an example of how to create subplots with multiple plot types in MATLAB®.Read about the "subplot" function in the MATLAB documentation.For more examples, go to MATLAB Plot Gallery -

Quickly create publication-quality plots: automatic colors & subplots, stats, violin/box plots, etc.

grouping variables that will determine color, subplot rows/columns, etc.- In the next steps, add graphical layers to your figure: raw data layers (directly plot data as points, lines...) or statistical

SPHASEPICKER is a powerful tool for automatically picking S-phase onsets.

This function takes in images of cells infected with bacteria and quantifies intracellular signals from regions surrounding the pathogen.

each ROI are used create a sub-plot of sub-images showing the ROI, identified bacteria and the associated binary mask used to extract the intracellular signal surrounding the pathogen. The subplot will



by Mark Hoyle

Saves multiple MATLAB figure windows to powerpoint giving the user "subplot" style control over thei

Saves multiple MATLAB figure windows to powerpoint giving the user "subplot" style control over their positions in the final slide.Given multiple figures you can use commands like:subplot

A set of plotting tools.

Calculate subplot positions by specifying figure margins and axis scaling.

subfigrid(nrows,ncols,offset,scale)The spacing of axes using the subplot command can be quite large, and manipulating axis positions after plotting can be tricky. For publication quality graphics, it is better to specify the subplot


version 1.0.1

by Marc Jakobi

Indentifies subplots in figure h

spidentify: Indentifies subplots in figure h. Some figures contain axes that are superimpozed (e. g. plotyy), so that more axes objects than subplots can be present. With this function, superimpozed


version 1.0.0

by Anthony Herdman

Simulates three sources of activity with user-defined signal properties in order to approximate event-related brain dynamics.

Free pattern recognition toolbox for MATLAB

Functionality extension of the linkaxes command

shows how to link the subplots above/below each other on the x axis, while linking the subplots left/right of each other on the y axis.Tested only on matlab R2018a.Enjoy.

Detailed implementation of Bogner-Fox-Schmit elements.

Similar to subplot(), position_figure() divides the screen into panes to position figures in.

Similar to subplot(), position_figure() divides the screen intorectangular panes to position figures in.Syntax: position_figure(no_rows, no_columns, fig_no) where 'no_rows' is

Label subplots in a composite figure

This class labels subplots or tiles in a composite figure. Say, you are having several subplots like this on here:for r = 1:6; subplot(2,3,r); plot(rand(5)); endNow, you can create the plot as shown

Subplot wrapper, allowing better figure utilization, by tighter axes.

Allows fully utilizing the figure surface by defining margins, by wrapping the existing subplot function. Unfortunately the original subplots function spends lavishly the figure area , without




Animates the camera rotating around a camera target. Allows orbits in multiple subplots of a figure. Saves as a movie or gif.

camera target. Allows orbits to occur in multiple subplots of a figure. Animations can be saved as a movie or gif.Syntax: • camOrbit • camOrbit(FigureHandle, ...) • camOrbit(FigureHandle, AxisHandles, ...)

semi-automatic segmentation of LV in cardiac MR images

Reference code for the paper: Deep White-Balance Editing, CVPR 2020 (Oral).

some of input/output patches during training, set a breakpoint here and write the following code in the command window:close all; i = 1; figure; subplot

Interactive sliding of a 2D or 3D plot along its x-axis using the keyboard arrows.

command “slidingtogether” provides simultaneously sliding of several subplots, if there is a need. The “slidingtogether” command could not be used independently but only in conjunction with the developed

Toolbox for generating uniform sampling patterns and decompositions of a unit sphere

based on computed configuration of particlesfigure('color','w')subplot(1,2,1)fv=struct('faces',Tri,'vertices',V);h=patch(fv);set(h,'EdgeColor','b','FaceColor','w')axis equalhold



by Joris Kampman

A subplot figure with a lot of fancy features

SUBPLOT_GRID is a class with which a set of subplots can be created in a space-optimal way. In addition, a figure title and subtitle may be added, as well as specific row and column titles.Even after



by Kelly Kearney

Plot one or more lines with a shaded boundary (can represent error, confidence intervals, etc).

, 50);y1 = sin(x);y2 = cos(x);e1 = rand(size(y1))*.5+.5;e2 = [.25 .5];ax(1) = subplot(2,2,1);[l,p] = boundedline(x, y1, e1, '-b*', x, y2, e2, '--ro');outlinebounds(l,p);title('Opaque bounds, with


version 1.0.2

by yu shi

note : manual by user to adjust axis size and position of subplot to plot figure tightly

function tightly_SubPlot(m,n,scale,edge,name,type)% m as row num% n as col num% scale as axis size of each subplot, use to adjust distance between subplot % edge as the distance from the coordinate

Function to modify the style of the graphical representations of MATLAB

(https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/35250-matlab-plot-gallery-wind), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved May 14, 2020.OriginalsetfigpaperExample 2setfigpaper('GrayScale',true)Code: MathWorks Plot Gallery Team (2020). MATLAB Plot Gallery - Subplot (2

Create a legend with more flexible positioning and labeling capabilities

northeast corner of the legend, but with the legend shifted 10 pixels to the left and down.This method of positioning can be particularly useful when labeling a figure that includes many subplots that share a

This demo shows how to classify crack images using deep learning and explain why behind the decision. このデモでは、深層学習によりひび割れ画像を分類し、さらにその特徴量の可視化を

rescale(gradcamMap);subplot(3,4,i)imshow(img);title(classfn)hold on;subplot(3,4,i)imagesc(imresize(gradcamMap,inputSize(1:2) ,'Method', 'bicubic'),'AlphaData',0.5);colormap jethold off;endShow the Grad-CAM levels on top of the image by using an 'AlphaData' value

This demo shows how to perform a data augmentation method called mix-up/random paring for image classification using CNN

% changednumDisp=min(6,numel(MisClassificationIdx));IdxShuffled=MisClassificationIdx(randperm(length(MisClassificationIdx)));figure;for i=1:numDisp subplot(2,3,i) imshow(uint8(XTest(:,:,:,IdxShuffled(i)))) True=string(YTest(IdxShuffled(i))); Pred=string(YPred(IdxShuffled(i))); title(strcat('True label : ',True

This demo shows how to do random erasing/cut out augmentation in CNN classification. random erasing や cut outとよばれる方法を用いて画像にマスクをかけ、分類を行います。

)); class=cellstr(imdsTrain.Labels(idx(i))); subplot(6,6,i) imshow(Input);title(class{1})endDefine layersThe network consists of three layers. You can define each layer easily such as with convolution2dLayer. For the detail, please

A Matlab Image segmentation via several feature spaces DEMO


version 17.1

by Moses

Create a spider or radar plot with customizable individual axes.

for subplot and tiledlayout feature (tiledlayout introduced in R2019b).2019-11-27: Add option to change axes to logarithmic scale.2019-11-15: Add feature to customize the plot rotational direction and

Create subplots

This is an example of how to create subplots in MATLAB®.Read about the "subplot" function in the MATLAB documentation.For more examples, go to MATLAB Plot Gallery -


version 2.14

by Ben Mitch

Like subplot, but easier, and WYSIWYG export to file. Also fixes dashed/dotted lines in export.

Panel is an alternative to Matlab's "subplot", providing easier control over layout (particularly, easy elimination of whitespace). It also fixes dashed/dotted lines during export to image files

MATLAB scripts for EEG/eye position data analysis

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