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Camera Calibration with AprilTags not working with png image datafile
Hi Andrew, This is a bug in a helper function that is part of the example. Please replace the helperDetectAprilTagCorners funct...

1 year ago | 0

Example 'Build a Map from Lidar Data Using SLAM' Confusion
Hi Marc, There are two things to note here: The Lidar coordinate system (the one which is used in the pointCloud objects retur...

1 year ago | 0

OpenPose Matlab - downloadTrainedOpenPoseNet ERROR
Hi Maria, This is a known issue with the example. Please replace the following line in the example: trainedOpenPoseNet_url = ...

2 years ago | 0

undistortImage function gives out all black image
This looks like it could be an issue with the calibration. Try to use a checkerbord with more squares and have the checkerboard ...

2 years ago | 0

How to perform 2D curve fitting on an image
Assuming you want to process the plot as an image, this is a possible workflow: Binarize the grayscale image ("rgb2gray" and "i...

3 years ago | 0