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Glenn Thompson

University of South Florida Tampa

Active since 2021

I specialize at the boundary of seismology and computer science, developing community software to support seismic monitoring, research and education.

My main MATLAB community project is GISMO, which is an object-oriented seismic data analysis toolbox. It originated at the University of Alaska Fairbanks with Celso Reyes and Mike West. Celso developed the Waveform Suite. GISMO includes the Waveform Suite and a lot more.

I also program in Python, Perl, PhP, C, C++. I try to avoid Fortran as much as possible.

My background is working at volcano and seismological observatories, but presently I am a university professor and enjoying teaching the next generation of geophysicists.


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GISMO - a framework for scientific research in seismology/infrasound

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