Key Features

  • Packaging of your MATLAB® programs as standalone applications
  • Creation of Microsoft Excel® add-ins for integration with Excel spreadsheets
  • Royalty-free distribution of applications to users who do not need MATLAB
  • Encryption of MATLAB code to protect your intellectual property
  • Deployment of MATLAB code against Hadoop and Spark

Royalty-Free Sharing with Colleagues and Customers

Whether you are sharing MATLAB programs internally with decision makers and colleagues, or externally with clients and customers, MATLAB Compiler provides a convenient way to package MATLAB programs for distribution to end users who do not need MATLAB. This saves hours of rewriting and debugging code in another language. MathWorks user stories highlight how engineers, scientists, and analysts employ MATLAB to boost productivity and to extend the benefits of using MATLAB to their end users:

  • A risk management software provider delivered its latest analysis algorithms to its customers as Excel add-ins packaged using MATLAB Compiler. Neither the software provider nor the customer had to write any VBA code.
  • An engineer created a standalone application for his shop technicians. The application used raw material properties as an input and provided machine parameters as output. Shop technicians then moved knobs on the machines to match the machine parameters suggested by the application.
  • Data analysts wrote big-data algorithms in MATLAB. They shared graphical results from the analytics directly with decision makers using MATLAB Compiler.

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Sharing MATLAB Programs as Standalone Applications

You can share your work with other MATLAB users by directly giving them your MATLAB programs or apps. For sharing with people who may not otherwise need MATLAB, you can create standalone applications using MATLAB Compiler.

These standalone applications can be command-line executable versions of your MATLAB code, or complete apps that use MATLAB graphics and UIs designed with GUIDE. As the designer of the applications, you can define user inputs and choose how the results are presented using all the output formats that  MATLAB supports (text, numeric, or graphical formats). End users of these applications do not need to know MATLAB unless they want to modify or design the applications themselves.

MATLAB Compiler encrypts your MATLAB programs to protect your intellectual property, so your source code remains hidden from end users of your applications.

Package MATLAB programs as standalone applications using MATLAB Compiler. Share these applications royalty-free with users who do not have MATLAB.


Solar Analysis application created in MATLAB and packaged for sharing using MATLAB Compiler.

Sharing MATLAB Programs with Excel Users

MATLAB Compiler enables you to package MATLAB programs as Microsoft Excel add-ins and integrate them into Excel spreadsheets. These add-ins let you perform analyses and simulations within Excel that include MATLAB math, graphics, and user interfaces developed in MATLAB.

You can share these add-ins royalty-free with users of Microsoft Excel. You integrate add-ins by dragging and dropping them into spreadsheets. The add-ins create new Excel formulas in your spreadsheets that behave as other formulas do: they accept inputs from cells and return results to other cells in the spreadsheet. Users of these add-ins do not need to know MATLAB, unless they want to modify the code or write new programs.

Share your MATLAB algorithms and visualizations with users of Microsoft Excel who may not otherwise need to use MATLAB. This royalty-free sharing is facilitated by MATLAB Compiler.

Apps for Packaging Your MATLAB Programs Interactively

MATLAB Compiler provides command line tools for scripted packaging and MATLAB apps to interactively package your applications. The apps enable you to package MATLAB programs as standalone applications, Excel add-ins, and Hadoop libraries. The apps also enable you to:

  • Customize the installer of your application with information such as author, splash screen, and version number
  • Automatically identify and select files that are dependent on your main MATLAB program for packaging
  • Choose whether to package additional data or help files with your final application

When packaging MATLAB programs to create Excel add-ins, MATLAB Compiler provides tools for each step in the packaging workflow:

  1. Develop and debug your code in MATLAB
  2. Test code behavior in Excel before packaging
  3. Package final code into Excel add-ins for sharing with people who do not need MATLAB

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