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Hardware-in-the-loop and System Integration


Applied Dynamics offers services, software, and turnkey solutions for Co-simulation, Hardware-in-the-loop simulation (HIL) and Rapid-prototyping (RPC) based on the MATLAB and Simulink platforms for simulation modeling and analysis.

Applied Dynamics provides open-system solutions based on COTS technology including support of Simulink Real-Time. Applied Dynamics manufactures a set of unique PCI boards for emulating automotive sensors required in engine and vehicle controls development.

Applied Dynamics is a leader in providing advanced system integration lab (SIL) solutions for a range of aerospace, defense, and automotive programs including commercial and military aircraft, manned and unmanned military ground vehicle, naval surface and underwater vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle, missile, satellite, and other integration labs.

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  • System Integration Services


  • Control Systems
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  • Aerospace and Defense
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