Aircraft Control Toolbox

Design and simulate aircraft control systems


  • Nonlinear aircraft model with actuator, sensor, disturbance and flex dynamics
  • User interface with 3D animation and interactive aircraft controls
  • Modern control tools including eigenstructure assignment and output feedback
  • Vehicle trajectory simulation
  • Databases for several different airplanes and helicopters


The Aircraft Control Toolbox is a complete aircraft control system design and simulation package. It includes a nonlinear aircraft model with an interactive interface, 3D graphics, and plotting. The user can add actuator, sensor, disturbance and flexible component dynamics. The toolbox also includes an extensive set of modern control tools including eigenstructure assignment, output feedback, and LQG/LTR tools in easy-to-use forms. The product includes all upgrades and updates through version 2.0.

The Aircraft Control Toolbox is the only low-cost package that allows you to design state-of-the-art aircraft control systems, implement them in a high-fidelity simulation, and fly the resulting system. This makes it the ultimate, rapid prototyping tool for aerospace designers. You can design, prototype, and simulate your control system in a matter of hours without having to deal with the intricacies of your custom simulations. It is also the ideal educational tool both for students studying aircraft dynamics and control and for students in control courses looking for challenging design examples.

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  • Data Analysis Tools


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  • Aerospace and Defense