Control system for research and development in power electronics


  • High performance RCP made for power electronics
  • Software-independent protections
  • Flexible interfaces (analog, optical)
  • Easy programming via Simulink® or C/C++
  • Dedicated runtime software and User-editable FPGA
  • Scalable design up to 64 units


B-Box RCP is an industrial-grade and high-performance rapid control prototyping platform tailored for engineers involved with the control design of innovative power electronic systems. It helps speed up their developments while guaranteeing a safe and sound control implementation.

In addition to the C/C++ coding workflow, the development of complex control algorithms can also be facilitated and accelerated thanks to Simulink based modeling, along with MathWorks code generation tools.

With ACG SDK (software suite with blockset for Simulink), you can code your converter control within minutes. The blockset provides a dedicated Simulink block for each hardware peripheral and is fully integrated with the code generation process. Relying on block modeling capabilities such as Simscape Electrical™, you’ll also be able to run a realistic PC-based simulation of your converter along with its controller’s behavior. Then you can program your B-Box RCP controller in seconds and start working on your real prototype, whether it has been assembled with imperix PowerTrench modules or any custom hardware. The user-editable FPGA allows the user to expand the B-Box RCP functionalities, relying on Xilinx software tools.

Once the research and development tasks are successfully completed, the imperix software suite allows for a seamless migration to a product development phase. Indeed, all control code developed for the B-Box RCP can be immediately loaded into the B-board PRO, the low-cost, and volume-oriented controller from imperix.


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