CarMaker for use with Simulink

Open integration and test platform for virtual test driving


  • Integration of complete CarMaker functionality
  • Subsegmention of all vehicle subsystems allows for easy customization
  • Integration of controller models and physical hardware components
  • Direct access to all internal variables
  • Parallel C-interface for all subsystems for C-code model adaptation and for performance improvement
  • Seamless integration into the entire development process


CarMaker for Simulink is a complete integration of CarMaker, IPG‘s open integration and test platform, into the MATLAB® and Simulink®  modeling and simulation environment. CarMaker itself is an advanced software package for Model-Based Design, testing, and development in the field of vehicle dynamics for cars, motorcycles and trucks. CarMaker enables you to develop automotive control systems, such as ABS or ESP, ACC, EPB, ARS, AFS, as well as all-wheel drive and engine control systems.

The CarMaker features were added to the Simulink environment using S-functions and MATLAB and Simulink API functions. CarMaker's integration with Simulink is not a loosely coupled cosimulation, but a closely linked combination of the two applications, resulting in a simulation environment that has both performance and stability.

Using CarMaker in the Simulink environment is no different from using standard S-function blocks or built-in Simulink blocks. The CarMaker blocks are connected in the same way other Simulink blocks are connected, and existing Simulink models can be added to the CarMaker vehicle model with a few mouse clicks. Integration does not, however, mean a loss of functionality. CarMaker features have been included, and can now be used in conjunction with Simulink.

Use the CarMaker GUI for simulation control and parameter adjustments, as well as defining maneuvers and road configurations. IPGControl  ™ can be used for data analysis and graphing. IPGMovie ™ offers a realistic animation and rendering of the multibody vehicle model in three dimensional space to bring the vehicle model to life.

Access CarMaker's simulation results using the MATLAB cmread utility. This utility loads the data of any CarMaker simulation results file into the MATLAB workspace. Once the data is available in the workspace, all functions of MATLAB, such as diagram drawing and smoothing functions, can be used in postprocessing and plotting the simulation results. MATLAB Coder and Simulink Coder are required when using the C-interface.

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