CDH Vibro-Acoustic Optimization Program

Software for coupled fluid-structure dynamics analysis


  • Vibro-acoustic optimization program
  • Interactive graphics operation
  • Large-scale coupled fluid-structure analysis
  • Uses MSC.Nastran models and modal results
  • Fast reanalysis using Modal Correction Technique
  • Sensitivity and optimization features


CDH Vibro-Acoustic Optimization Program (CDH/VAO) is an interactive graphics computer program for coupled fluid-structure dynamics analysis. Using special methods, CDH/VAO permits fast reanalysis for user-defined modifications. A numerical optimization procedure enables the user to study the effects of proposed design changes and to predict an optimum set of modifications to provide optimum dynamic behavior of the structural system.

Typical CDH/VAO users are working with NASTRAN finite element models and the eigenvalues and eigenvectors calculated for the structure. Using the MATLAB environment, CDH/VAO allows interactive modifications to the characteristics of the model, e.g., materials or thicknesses. This tool was created to support the design process through fast reanalysis of modifications in combination with sensitivity and optimization.


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