Factor Analysis Toolbox

Powerful tools for gaining valuable insights into your data


  • Principal Factor Analysis (PFA) and complete cross validation
  • Iterative key set factor analysis
  • Spectral isolation and rank annihilation
  • Evolving Factor Analysis and Window Factor Analysis
  • Automatic Window Factor Analysis
  • Introductory tutorial included in user's guide


The Factor Analysis Toolbox is a collection of specialized MATLAB functions for factor analysis techniques. Factor analysis organizes chemical data into matrices so that it can be processed to create calibrations or extract useful information. This toolbox includes core routines for computing principal factors that span data and provide the statistical tests needed to guide the selection of rank. Furthermore, routines are included to subtract the correct amount of a pure component data from a mixture's data and isolate spectra of each component in a series of related mixtures when components have unique properties.

The Factor Analysis Toolbox is typically used for gas analysis, resolution of co-eluting chromatographic peaks, and reaction kinetics. Analytical chemists, chromatographers, process engineers, chemical engineers, environmental scientists and others who work with complex multivariate data will find the Factor Analysis Toolbox to be useful in many areas of their work.

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