g.MOBIlab+ & g.USBamp API for MATLAB

Device driver for Data Acquisition Toolbox


  • Acquire EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG, and EOG data directly within MATLAB®
  • Control the amplifier from the MATLAB command line
  • Write MATLAB programs for online visualization and signal analysis
  • Use Data Acquisition Toolbox™ to handle the amplifier
  • Read data directly into MATLAB for further offline processing
  • Speed up your development time from month to hours


The API for MATLAB allows signal acquisition and analysis by utilizing all available toolboxes for MATLAB (including Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox™, Deep Learning Toolbox™, and Signal Processing Toolbox™). The API for MATLAB contains commands that give full access to the amplifier. There are commands for reading the data, setting the bandpass and notch filters, changing the sampling frequency of the amplifier, defining bipolar derivations, and calibrating the system. One of the key advantages of the API for MATLAB is that it is fully integrated into Data Acquisition Toolbox, enabling users to acquire data and then quickly and easily build new applications.

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