Haver Analytics Time Series Databases

Time series data for the global strategy and research community


  • Economic and financial databases covering advanced economies, emerging, and frontier markets
  • 200+ databases from over 1350+ government and private sources
  • DLX® platform provides database access and tools for data management, visualization, and modeling
  • Haver Toolbox for MATLAB® provides convenient interface for users of MATLAB and Datafeed Toolbox™
  • Query multiple data series from multiple Haver databases at one time
  • Use metadata to construct data queries, or extract metadata from data queries


Haver Analytics® updates and manages historical time series data for macro strategy and research. Haver’s 200+ databases are continually growing to meet the needs of their clients. The company's global coverage includes country-sourced macro data, financial indicators, daily and weekly values, industry specific concepts, as well as data from leading international organizations. Haver also carries forecasts, as-reported values, and sub-regional detail. 

Haver data are accessed through their DLX software. Haver DLX is a complete suite of integrated tools for maintaining up-to-the second data, engaging in detailed analysis, and integrating fully with all major econometric and statistical packages, including MATLAB. 

Haver DLX time series databases are supported directly within the Datafeed Toolbox from MathWorks, allowing users to easily bring data into MATLAB. The combination of reliable data with statistical and financial modeling software helps users gain flexibility and a single point of entry for their models, time series analysis, and data validation.

The Haver Toolbox for MATLAB is a custom designed toolbox providing full MATLAB integration. It requires Datafeed Toolbox and extends the basic connectivity provided by Datafeed Toolbox in several ways. It presents a convenient interface to query data and metadata from Haver Analytics databases and fully utilizes the capabilities of Haver's DLX database software. Some specific benefits include:

  • Queries can span multiple source databases and can be based on multiple series. 
  • Query output is formatted as a MATLAB timetable instead of a basic matrix.
  • Retrieval of metadata is much faster and more convenient than standard process. Similar to data queries, metadata can also be retrieved across multiple databases/series and output as a MATLAB timetable.
  • Tight integration between data and metadata queries. Output from data queries contain metadata, and metadata query output can be used as an input for future data queries.

Haver Analytics

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