IBM Rational DOORS

The leading Requirements Management tool


  • Provides configuration management, annotation, and traceability
  • Unique graphical view, showing the true hierarchy of your data
  • Ability to sort data on attribute values and save visualizations
  • Change Proposal System helps automate controlled documentation evolution
  • Ability to establish relationships between parts of project documentation through links
  • Ability to share access to your database while retaining full control of availability


IBM Rational DOORS is a multi-platform, enterprise-wide requirements management tool , designed to capture, link, trace, analyze, and manage a wide range of diverse textual and graphical information to ensure a project's compliance to specified requirements and standards.

The MathWorks Simulink Requirements product allows you to link design specifications and requirements in DOORS directly to their implementations in MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow. The Navigator GUI in Simulink displays a tree-structured directory of all of the blocks and subsystems for your current Simulink model and allows you to move easily between the requirements documents and your Simulink models. From within the Navigator, you can add, view, modify, or delete a requirement.

In addition, you can use IBM Rational Synergy software to perform source control of MATLAB code and Simulink and Stateflow models from within MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow.

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