IMAT | Interface between MATLAB, Analysis, and Test

Expand analysis and test data processing using MATLAB


  • Test data processing
  • Finite element result processing
  • Pretest analysis model developing (TAM), including accelerometer selection
  • Modal test utilities, including modal parameter extraction
  • Signal processing
  • Large model and result visualization


IMAT is a suite of utilities that facilitates data sharing between MATLAB® and several analysis tools and test software. The IMAT toolbox provides a framework for importing FEA simulation data and measured test data into the MATLAB environment to access its programming and mathematical capabilities.

IMAT+FEA extends IMAT capabilities to simulation. With IMAT+FEA you can work with a much broader range of data from different analytical solvers. It provides the ability to interface with Nastran®, Abaqus, and Femap, in addition to I-DEAS. The imported data is placed into the IMAT data types for use with MATLAB and IMAT.

IMAT+Modal extends IMAT capabilities for the modal test engineer. The genetic algorithm (GA) for accelerometer placement will select accelerometer locations for a modal vibration test. TAMKIT provides procedures for selecting the instrumented DOF and for reducing the FEM matrices to these DOF. The modal test kit, or MTK, contains routines that are useful when performing modal survey tests. It includes AFPoly™, the patent-pending alias-free polyreference modal parameter estimation utility.

IMAT+Signal extends IMAT's functionality to signal processing, which includes processing time domain data into the frequency domain. In addition to command-line functions for tasks such as computing PSD and CSD from time histories, computing FRF, and time domain filtering, IMAT+Signal provides two interfaces that simplify the process. 

IMAT supports file formats from a variety of software packages. This includes universal files and I-DEAS, as well as NX associated data files (AFU, ATI, and ASH).  IMAT+FEA supports Nastran bulk data, Output2, Output4, and punch, as well as Abaqus ODB.  It also exports Femap Neutral (NEU) files, as well as direct access to Femap via COM.

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