Measurement, Calibration, and Diagnostics of Automotive ECUs


  • Measurement, Calibration and Diagnostic (MCD) software tool for Windows PCs
  • Complies to ASAM MCD-standards
  • Supports a wide variety of MCD hardware modules and bus protocols
  • Interface to MATLAB® for automating the acquisition and analyses of measured data and the calibration of ECU parameters
  • Simulink toolbox for measuring and calibrating of signals and parameters of Simulink control models


The INCA software tool provides an automotive-specific and efficient environment for the measurement, calibration, and diagnostics of electronic controls in the vehicle. INCA integrates a wide variety of ECU and bus interfaces and measuring devices. 

MATLAB scripts can be employed to automate measurement and calibration procedures by use of the INCA-MIP interface to MATLAB®. Manual input provided to the scripts by INCA can be combined with numerical calculation and optimization routines that utilize the rich MATLAB® libraries and toolboxes. For the calibration of Simulink control models in the virtual environment, the INCA-SIP Simulink toolbox is provided. During simulation runtime, measurements can be recorded and parameters can be changed with INCA. INCA-SIP reads changed parameter values back to Simulink. Description files and INCA configurations are automatically created by the INCA-SIP toolbox and transferred to INCA.

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  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Control Systems
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