MATLAB connector to DTN IQFeed


  • Fetch live top-of-book market data in snapshot or streaming modes and live Level 2 market-depth data
  • Get historic, intra-day, and live market data (individual ticks or interval bars)
  • Look up fundamental information, symbols, and option chains
  • Query market scanner based on fundamental and trading criteria
  • Get news headlines, counts, and complete news stories, with user-specified filters
  • Attach user-defined alerts – MATLAB callback functions to IQFeed and market events


IQML is a MATLAB® connector to DTN IQFeed and enables users to leverage MATLAB analysis and visualization capabilities with IQFeed’s reliable data-feed of live and historic market data for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, bonds, options, futures, commodities, and Forex. IQML can be used for both automated algo-trading and selective manual trading, as well as continuous market data feed.

Simple MATLAB commands access IQFeed’s data, in either blocking (snapshot) or non-blocking (streaming) mode.

IQML provides a reliable, easy-to-use MATLAB interface to IQFeed that works right out of the box, and was optimized for performance, reliability, stability, compatibility, and feature set.

A detailed User Guide is provided, complete with numerous usage examples and implementation tips.

Don’t take our word for it – try the fully-functional free trial and see for yourself.

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