Keysight VEE Pro

Easy graphical programming for fast measurement analysis results


  • Built-in analysis with MATLAB Script
  • Smart measurements
  • Standards-friendly
  • Easy to learn and use


The Keysight VEE software family offers an easy graphical programming environment that ensures fast measurement analysis results. Keysight VEE Pro is intended for large programs with more than one development engineer. It handles day-to-day programming tasks in instrument control, measurement processing, and test reporting. It simplifies test development with enhancements for system integration, debugging, structured program design, and documentation. VEE automates instrument configuration, accelerates the creation of operator interfaces, streamlines test sequencing, and simplifies application development and program enablement across the Internet.

This product provides access to MATLAB Script and functions from the Signal Processing Toolbox, giving users a wide selection of numeric computation tools, engineering graphics, and signal processing functions. MATLAB Script is a runtime version of MATLAB, deployed using the MATLAB Runtime Server, that provides access to the MATLAB language and to analysis and visualization functionality. End users of VEE have access to MATLAB functions, but do not have access to the MATLAB command line, or editor/debugger, or the ability to save MATLAB code. This product also provides seamless interoperability with full MATLAB.


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Product Type

  • Test Instruments


  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Data Analysis and Statistics


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