MULTI Integrated Development Environment

Software development tools for embedded applications


  • Fully integrated development environment for embedded software
  • Optimizing compiler for C, C++, EC++, Ada, Fortran
  • Integrated debugging with leading RTOSs, ICEs, ROM monitors
  • Broad support for 32- and 64-bit architectures and memory protected RTOS
  • Integrated source-level debugger, profiler, version control, and more


The MULTI Integrated Development Environment® is a complete environment for developing, optimizing and testing embedded software applications. MULTI enables cross compilation and remote debugging for a variety of target processors.. MULTI consists of a project builder, multicore source level debugger, performance profiler, run-time error checker, graphical code browser, text editor, run-time libraries, board initialization, instruction set simulator and a version control system.

Green Hills' optimizing C, C++, EC++, Ada 95 and Fortran compilers produce high-quality code. Code written in different languages can be mixed into a single executable. These highly optimizing compilers use the same global optimizer and code generator. Code may be optimized for maximum speed or for minimum code size on a module-by-module basis and even at the function level.

With Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder, source code can be automatically generated that MULTI's compilers can transform into optimized embedded binaries for leading target processors such as ARM, Blackfin, PowerPC, and V850. Using Embedded Coder from MathWorks, it is possible to perform Processor-In-Loop testing using Simulink as a test harness with the automatically generated code running in the MULTI debugger.

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