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Mechatronic control solutions using Raptor and MotoHawk development process


Since 2009, New Eagle has been using Model-Based Design for the production of embedded systems. Customer applications include electric and hybrid systems, alternative fuel engine control, hydraulics, autonomous systems, and overall vehicle control. Target industries include: on-highway vehicles, work trucks, construction and mining, rail and marine, material handling, and military.

For MathWorks users, New Eagle provides the Raptor® control system platform for implementing complex, “intelligent machines.” Raptor is a cohesive platform with integrated components, enabling use of design elements in a synergistic manner, reducing duplication, and accelerating development by leveraging the strengths of each component in a design.

New Eagle’s Raptor platform consists of three facets: tools, products, and systems. This platform allows users to design and develop custom control systems specific to their applications. Raptor uses model-based development to leverage proven design elements and code-generation, reduce hardware verification efforts, and maintain a consistent application development interface across ECU hardware.

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