ODYS Embedded MPC

A production-oriented toolchain for model predictive control


  • A focus on general multivariable linear time-varying and nonlinear prediction models
  • Advanced control design features for real-time MPC and state estimation
  • Fast and reliable code optimized for execution speed, numerical robustness, and limited memory footprint
  • Custom problem formulation by cost function, constraints, preview, and degrees of freedom
  • Real-time functions used with MATLAB in simulation also run-on embedded platforms, for seamless deployment
  • Support for prediction models based on neural networks via the ODYS Deep Learning library



Simulink API

ODYS specializes in developing model predictive control (MPC) systems for next-gen controls in industrial production. Based on more than 25 years of scientific research, the expertise of the company covers advanced multivariable control design, efficient real-time optimization algorithms, tools for their deployment in production, and consultancy on MPC design.

ODYS Embedded MPC handles general multivariable linear time-varying and nonlinear prediction models. The software provides many advanced MPC design features, enabling extremely flexible and customized problem formulations in terms of cost function, constraints, preview, and degrees of freedom in the optimization. State estimation is performed by using state-of-the-art Kalman filtering techniques, optimized for computation efficiency and numerical robustness, also in single precision. For maximum flexibility, user-defined functions can change cost function, constraints, and other control design parameters in real-time and can be specified in the control and estimation setup. Generated code is compliant with MISRA-C 2012 and supports single-precision arithmetic. You can also customize the code to adhere to data types and other requirements of your software.

ODYS Embedded MPC is fast and robust in single precision, predictable in worst-case execution time, and requires very limited memory footprint. Ad-hoc sparse linear algebra libraries allow efficient handling of sparsity in prediction models. The tight integration with ODYS’ MPC-dedicated QP solver means that MPC problems can be solved very efficiently (typically, twice as fast and with half the memory footprint than by using the general-purpose ODYS QP solver).

ODYS Embedded MPC enables the use of advanced MPC techniques also in fast-sampling applications on embedded platforms, such as those encountered in automotive, aerospace, and robotic systems. It runs on standard electronic control units (ECUs) in commercial vehicles to solve multivariable MPC problems in real-time, despite the limited computational and memory resources available. ODYS Embedded MPC is currently used by several automotive OEMs and T1 suppliers around the world to develop their next-gen control systems for mass production.

APIs to MATLAB® and Simulink® are available for testing in simulation and deployment. The same functions used during the control design phase will run in the embedded platform in a seamless workflow. The toolchain also allows prototyping the user functions defining the MPC project in pure MATLAB code, replicating the functionalities of the C version and enabling simulation and debugging in MATLAB and Simulink. With no need for the user to write any C code during the initial phase of the design, it reduces the learning curve to get proficient with advanced real-time MPC features. ODYS Embedded MPC also has a plugin to run nonlinear MPC projects designed using the Model Predictive Control Toolbox™ for MATLAB.

In addition, ODYS Embedded MPC works with ODYS Deep Learning Toolset, a plugin for developing prediction models based on neural networks that can be exported to C code for immediate use by ODYS’ MPC and state estimation functions.


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