Parallel processing under MATLAB control on a multiprocessor Alpha AXP


  • Supports MEX-functions generated by MATLAB Compiler from both MATLAB 4.2 and 5
  • Support for scalable and modular parallel processing hardware
  • GFlops of performance under the control of MATLAB
  • No detailed parallel processing knowledge required
  • Supports processors at the MATLAB code level
  • Data parallel functions can be masked as Simulink blocks


A PCI Alpha board.
ParaMat is a software package that allows existing PC-based MATLAB and Simulink applications to benefit easily from a parallel processing system based on the Alpha AXP RISC processor. The underlying hardware platform is scaleable and can provide GFlops of performance to suit the application needs. No detailed knowledge of parallel processing techniques by the programmer is required. The booting of the multiprocessor network is automatic and efficient kernel level interprocessor communication facilities are provided.

Any MEX-function developed under MATLAB on a PC can be run on a parallel Alpha platform without modification to source code. M-functions can be compiled by the new MATLAB Compiler and the resulting C code targeted to run on the Alpha nodes. Simulink blocks with data parallel characteristics can be distributed to a network of Alphas to speed up the computation.

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