Feedback Control Experiments

Experiments for feedback control education and research


  • Full integration with MathWorks products
  • Real-time code from Simulink diagrams
  • Ability to solve a vast range of control challenges
  • Recognized world leader
  • Custom hardware design


Implement and evaluate feedback strategies such as PID, LQC, H infinity, fuzzy, neural nets, adaptive or nonlinear controllers with Quanser's linear, rotary, specialty, mechatronics, and custom control experiments. Quanser systems are uniquely modular and use the same base components that can be multi purposed throughout a wide range of experiment configurations. By adding and removing various modules you extend the functionality of your investment and more importantly create a greater variety of experiments and challenges to explore. No other solution provider comes close to providing this kind of flexibility. That's the Quanser difference. 

Feedback Control Experiments are delivered as a complete system.

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Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Lab Experiments


  • Control Systems
  • Data Acquisition or Import
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Real-Time Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation


  • Computer Electronics
  • Industrial Automation and Machinery