Spacecraft Control Toolbox

Design, analyze, and simulate spacecraft control systems


  • Spacecraft control system design and analysis
  • Attitude dynamics modeling including multibody spacecraft
  • Orbit dynamics analysis and simulation including formation flying
  • Environmental modeling: solar, atmosphere, magnetic
  • Pointing and propellant budgeting
  • Kalman filters and nonlinear estimation


CAD representation of microwave anisotropy probe

The Spacecraft Control Toolbox (SCT) provides a comprehensive set of over two thousand M-files for designing, analyzing, and simulating spacecraft attitude and orbit control systems. The product is structured as a core toolbox with add-on modules for estimation; orbit analysis; attitude control design examples; formation flying; solar sails; thermal, propulsion, and link analysis; autonomous GN&C; and spin axis attitude determination. It covers all phases of attitude control system design from requirements definition and pointing budget allocation, to mission operations support. Tools are provided for high-fidelity disturbance analysis and mass properties analysis, including a geometric CAD package that also aids visualization. The complete attitude control systems examples include a momentum bias geosynchronous communications satellite, a sun-nadir pointing satellite with wheels and torquers, a spinning spacecraft with wheels, and a double pivoted momentum wheel roll and yaw control system. This SCT includes a one-year subscription for free updates and an extensive theory manual. A free demo is available for download and a Learning Edition is available for classroom use.

The SCT is used by space agencies, companies, and universities around the world. Typical users are performing satellite attitude control analysis and may be designing control loops and estimators, or performing high-fidelity simulations. The toolbox can be used to support research in new control areas such as formation flying and solar sailing with modules specific to these topics. Users can extend the toolbox with their own demos and functions.

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  • Windows


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Product Type

  • Data Analysis Tools


  • Control Systems
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • System Modeling and Simulation


  • Aerospace and Defense