Tactical Engagement Simulation Software (TESS)

ECM evaluation tools using terminal phase engagement simulations


  • Measure ECM effectiveness against specific threats for evaluation & optimization
  • Use standard EWIR Database model input parameters
  • Designed around a high fidelity terminal phase engagement simulation tool
  • Capture nonlinear and chaotic system behavior
  • Generate miss-distance and probability-of-survival results
  • Includes built-in database management and statistical analysis tools


Tactical Engagement Simulation Software (TESS) helps users to assess the effectiveness of various self-protection tactics and electronic countermeasure techniques against specific threats and in various engagement geometries. With the ability to model RF & IR guided threat systems, various target platforms and self-protection systems, TESS accurately simulates their dynamic interaction in tactical engagements. TESS provides high-level system model templates to characterize the various platforms, systems and capabilities, deployment of chaff, flares and decoys, and active on-board and/or off-board jamming techniques and programs, while maneuvering in a realistic electromagnetic and physical environment. TESS generates graphical system displays for detailed analysis of the engagement as well as computing several performance metrics such as miss-distance and probability-of-survival results.

TESS includes tools for the management of defined model data sets, and running simulations either as deterministic or stochastic, and individually or in Monte Carlo batch runs. It contributes to a better understanding of countermeasure effectiveness leading to optimized self-protection capability and increased levels of survivability.

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