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MathWorks Prerelease FAQ

Subscribers to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service can download prerelease versions of their products.

Prerelease FAQ

1. What is a prerelease?
MathWorks distributes prerelease software for testing purposes, to obtain feedback on the backward compatibility or stability of the release. The prerelease software also includes new features and bug fixes.

Note: If you choose to use MathWorks prerelease software, we recommend that you install it in a test environment rather than in a production environment. After installing MathWorks prerelease software, we encourage you to load and run any files or models that you typically use. The prerelease software should not be used for performance benchmarking.

2. What is included in this prerelease?
For a list of available products, visit the download page. You will be able to download products which appear on this list and for which you have an up-to-date subscription to MathWorks Software Maintenance.

3. How do I access the prerelease?
To download the prerelease software, you must have an up-to-date subscription to MathWorks Software Maintenance Service. (You can check your maintenance end date (login required) and, if your maintenance is not current, request a quote.)

4. How long will the prerelease be available?
Prerelease software follows a twice-yearly release schedule, with one release in the June timeframe and a second in the December timeframe.  Products are available for approximately 90 days until the general release is launched. Prerelease licenses cannot be extended.

5. How can I install an update of the prerelease software?
If a prerelease update is available, you can install it via a notification in MATLAB, or you can use the Check for Updates functionality. Additionally, you can install a prerelease update from the MathWorks Downloads site.

6. How do I submit technical issues about the prerelease?
Please let us know about any problems you encounter by creating a Service Request.


R2024a Prerelease

Preview and test the next product release.