Potential Bug Fixes in R2022b Prerelease

The following known software and documentation bugs are currently considered resolved in the prerelease. However, the prerelease is not a fully qualified release, and some of these resolutions have not yet been verified. During the prerelease period, these bug reports are not updated with information on potential fixes.

Product Record Bug Summary
Aerospace Blockset 2619587 asbQuadcopter example project generates error during compilation when VSS_VEHICLE is set to 0
Antenna Toolbox 2629036 While running analysis on a pcbStack created with single metal layer and two dielectric layers, the top metal layer is being removed and a rectangular ground plane is added below the dielectric layers.
Audio Toolbox 2675576 License checkout can fail for Audio Toolbox when using a borrowed license
Audio Toolbox 2683979 Calibration levels for acousticFluctuation and acousticRoughness are incorrect
Automated Driving Toolbox 2595612 radarDetectionGenerator System object and Radar Detection Generator Simulink block do not generate detections for targets in its field of view when its yaw, pitch, and roll angles are not set to 0.
Automated Driving Toolbox 2670505 Reading map data from HERE HD Live Map web service can cause error
Automated Driving Toolbox 2672020 Simulation 3D Probabilistic Radar mounts incorrectly when setting a non-zero Relative rotation parameter
Automated Driving Toolbox 2683645 RoadRunner Scenario Writer block writes incorrect values to Actor Pose (Driving Scenario Compatible) topic
Automated Driving Toolbox 2684637 MATLAB crashes when using a MAT file that stores a Simulink.ActorSimulation object
AUTOSAR Blockset 2637341 MATLAB may crash for AUTOSAR models while navigating the Code Mappings Editor
AUTOSAR Blockset 2658981 Simulation mismatch between numerical SIL and normal mode for models that use AUTOSAR 4.0 code replacement library for the function Mfx_ConvertP2
Communications Toolbox 2173422 comm.FMBroadcastDemodulator and the FM Broadcast Demodulator Baseband block do not successfully demodulate FM signals when the Stereo setting is true
Communications Toolbox 2638357 Simulink simulations run in a parallel pool with the Bit Error Rate Analysis app can result in an unexpectedly high BER
Communications Toolbox 2668471 Changes to workspace variables are not applied to constellation diagram block or plot
Computer Vision Toolbox 2621666 The estimateGeometricTransform2D function returns an incorrect rigid transformation
Computer Vision Toolbox 2630136 Using extractFeatures on SIFTPoints returns duplicate valid points
Computer Vision Toolbox 2674246 The evaluateSemanticSegmentation function returns a NaN value for boundary F1-measure (BF) scores.
Control System Toolbox 2627715 LPV System Block produces incorrect answer for LTI arrays with irregular grid and unsorted data in the SamplingGrid property.
Data Acquisition Toolbox 2481908 Error occurs while writing a vector of data as foreground signal generation
Data Acquisition Toolbox 2723626 Error occurs while reading a TDMS-file with empty channel groups
Database Toolbox 2613483 Database Explorer app crashes during test of data source connection
Deep Learning HDL Toolbox 2582475 Incorrect prediction results for some custom bitstream configurations.
Deep Learning HDL Toolbox 2604568 Incorrect prediction result for DAGNet network contains multiple fully-connected layers when using Conv thread number = 9,25,36,49
Deep Learning Toolbox 2581762 Experiment fails to update when name contains invalid characters
Deep Learning Toolbox 2618500 Incorrect validation loss when using pixelClassificationLayer with class weights
Deep Learning Toolbox 2620739 Simulation of a Simulink model with multiple MATLAB Function blocks loading similar networks might produce incorrect answers
Deep Learning Toolbox 2624683 Saving a dlnetwork object in a MAT file reverts the OutputNames property to the default values
Deep Learning Toolbox 2636738 Change of layers when constructing a dlnetwork with both a ConcatenationLayer and DepthConcatenationLayer objects
Deep Learning Toolbox 2660210 Experiment Manager displays incorrect training loss values
Deep Learning Toolbox 2661783 Error in computing higher order derivatives with dlfeval/dlgradient when using a convolution layer with 3D image inputs
Deep Learning Toolbox 2703873 trainNetwork errors when computing validation on a stateful network that changes dimensions
Deep Learning Toolbox 2723422 Some optimizations are disabled when using trainNetwork
DSP System Toolbox 2625283 Code Generation Failure for FIR Interpolation Blocks in Cascade when 'DSP Intel AVX2-FMA' Code Replacement Library (CRL) is Used
DSP System Toolbox 2663380 Build Failure in LMS Filter System object and Block when 'DSP Intel AVX2-FMA' Code Replacement Library (CRL) is Used
DSP System Toolbox 2666318 Unexpected error may occur during HDL Code Generation for a large model that uses the NCO HDL Optimized block
Embedded Coder 2063366 AUTOSAR generated code might write uninitialized value if array data is conditionally and partially written to root outport
Embedded Coder 2438729 MATLAB Function block containing sub-function with in-place specification on inputs with variable dimensions might result in incorrect generated code
Embedded Coder 2486443 Embedded Coder might not initialize an exported or imported signal with a constant value
Embedded Coder 2527763 Data Type Propagation block does not support symbolic dimensions
Embedded Coder 2534839 Incorrect results might occur for a model using S-function block and symbolic dimensions
Embedded Coder 2552611 Embedded Coder might generate incorrect code with Optimize global data access set to Minimize global data access
Embedded Coder 2582989 Incorrect answer may be generated with models that have blocks with long parameter names
Embedded Coder 2584459 Build failure for a model that uses half-precision data type
Embedded Coder 2587940 Generated code might be incorrect for a model with Product of Elements block
Embedded Coder 2588597 MATLAB Function block with native MATLAB functions that have matrix inputs may cause failures
Embedded Coder 2592617 AUTOSAR models having Simulink signals or parameters in the base workspace that use storage classes might generate uncompilable code.
Embedded Coder 2598522 Incorrect results might occur for a model containing a Lookup Table block having symbolic variable with negative sign
Embedded Coder 2601019 Code generated for Bit-wise OR operation between negative integer and Boolean variable might produce incorrect answers
Embedded Coder 2602060 Different code might be generated when you change the code generation order of models that use the same reusable library subsystem
Embedded Coder 2602635 Generated code might be incorrect for Terminate Function block connected to root Outport block
Embedded Coder 2609990 Update to Stateflow output may generate incorrect code
Embedded Coder 2621150 Using a Data Store Read block with a GetSet storage class that feeds into a Prelookup block or Interpolation Using Prelookup block might generate extraneous set function calls
Embedded Coder 2625169 Simulation result might be incorrect for a MATLAB Function block inside a For Each subsystem
Embedded Coder 2636948 Incorrect simulation results in rapid accelerator mode for a model containing a Function-Call Subsystem block
Embedded Coder 2640026 Incorrect results are possible for a model containing an Enabled subsystem that has an Integrator block
Embedded Coder 2641368 Code generation might fail for C Caller or C Function blocks with input argument of type const char*
Embedded Coder 2642078 Initialization code might be incorrect for a model containing a block that has an output with non-zero initial conditions
Embedded Coder 2646742 C++ code generation might produce an incorrect initial value setting for a root outport when using function prototype control
Embedded Coder 2657499 Incorrect results might occur when a Matrix Concatenate block is connected to a Model block
Embedded Coder 2660030 C++ and AUTOSAR code generation may not reflect Shared utilities identifier format setting
Embedded Coder 2660920 Incorrect simulation results in accelerator and rapid accelerator modes for a model containing a Bus Creator block
Embedded Coder 2674685 Preserve array dimensions property not present in the Custom Storage Class Designer dialog box
Embedded Coder 2695510 Argument was not found or found more than 2 hits or Unexpected number of elements in GraphicalIndex error from SIL/PIL simulations of AUTOSAR model
Embedded Coder 2696163 Unable to compile generated code when a Simulink.Parameter object with a non-Auto storage class has the value set to a parameter expression that contains an array
Embedded Coder 2699306 Generated code might be incorrect for models containing If Action subsystem connected to Memory block
Embedded Coder 2699388 Models that use Bus data type with elements smaller than double might throw assertion during code generation for S-Function target
Embedded Coder 2702616 Default mappings override individual mappings for model reference outputs if both storage classes are built-in or predefined
Embedded Coder 2707206 Bus struct typedefs appear in a nondeterministic order in generated header file
Embedded Coder 2710248 Generated code might be incorrect for AUTOSAR model with a multidimensional port parameter and ArrayLayout set to Row-major
Embedded Coder 2713778 LibCacheDefine function does not add specified buffer to <model>_private.h or <model>.c file in the generated code
Fixed-Point Designer 2692561 anynan and allfinite functions produce incorrect results for half type
GPU Coder 2681188 MATLAB might crash when generating code that uses gpucoder.reduce
GPU Coder 2683819 Using gpucoder.reduce with dimension specification might produce incorrect answers for variable-sized inputs and row-major layout
GPU Coder 2684404 In Simulink, gpucoder.reduce might throw an error when used with row-major layout
GPU Coder 2729385 GPU code generation could crash MATLAB when the long long data type is not supported by the selected hardware
HDL Coder 1860261 FIR Rate Conversion HDL Optimized block may generate incorrect HDL code if it uses the request port
HDL Coder 2439242 Latency upstream from a feedback loop might cause a numeric mismatch when the feedback loop traverses through hierarchy.
HDL Coder 2457774 Simulation mismatches for the selector block
HDL Coder 2528868 Incorrect precision used for fixed-point arithmetic for Stateflow charts using C action language
HDL Coder 2590335 MATLAB Function blocks in feedback loops which introduce latency can cause Modelsim failure
HDL Coder 2599107 For a DUT containing only combinatorial logic, the generated IP core using the HDL Coder IP core generation workflow contains unconnected clock and reset signals
HDL Coder 2604240 Unsupported blocks for HDL Coder with a rate change can cause an unintuitive error while balancing delays during HDL code generation
HDL Coder 2616442 HDL code generation failure from a top-level model that contains a protected model
HDL Coder 2618333 In single clock mode, the timing controller can be incorrectly generated when requesting Oversampling and not utilizing Clock-Rate Pipelining.
HDL Coder 2636492 HDL Coder generates an internal assertion when Flatten Hierarchy is turned On for the Filter blocks.
HDL Coder 2645810 HDL Workflow Advisor Task 4.2 (Generate Software Interface) fails for library and subsystem reference blocks
HDL Coder 2646509 Math Function block with reciprocal function generates an incorrect HDL code for the fixed-point inputs that have fractional length greater than word length.
HDL Coder 2649320 Incorrect code generation: Matrix gain (K*u) operations with scalar output might produce simulation mismatch between the original model and generated model
HDL Coder 2649909 HDL Workflow Advisor errors out when the input port of AXI4-Stream Slave is mapped to a vector and the output port of AXI4-Stream Master is mapped to a scalar.
HDL Coder 2652676 Distributed pipelining might not preserve design delays in certain cases even if PreserveDesignDelays is enabled
HDL Coder 2653212 When generating HDL code using the "MATLAB Datapath" architecture of a MATLAB function block, HDL Coder can produce incorrect code for logical indexing expressions used in size identification functions
HDL Coder 2656440 HDL IP core generation using Xilinx Vivado fails as of January 1, 2022
HDL Coder 2657136 An error during HDL code generation might occur for models with code reuse and clock-rate pipelining on
HDL Coder 2670282 Sharing can result in numeric mismatch when there are hierarchies inside the subsystems to be shared
HDL Coder 2671859 Single-rate sharing/streaming can cause a silent wrong answer when the clock-rate region also has extra clock-rate latency
HDL Coder 2678715 An error during HDL code generation can occur for a model that has streaming on and contains an Assignment block
HDL Coder 2683996 Generate default AXI4 slave interface option is sometimes ignored during the IP core generation
HDL Coder 2686975 IP core register initial value is incorrect for fixed-point values with non-zero fraction length
HDL Coder 2690437 Internal assertion hit while generating HDL code for design using clock-rate pipelining and locally disabled delay balancing
HDL Coder 2719205 Some statements that include combinations of casting, rescaling, and bit concatenation operations using the rescale and bitconcat functions lead to incorrect code generation.
HDL Coder 2723749 Crash while generating HDL code for model containing Constrained Output Pipeline requests.
HDL Coder 2723825 Internal error thrown when generating code for delay block with enable port
Image Processing Toolbox 2709552 graydist returns incorrect results for images with large number of pixels
Instrument Control Toolbox 2622941 Setting an ASCII format string with delimiters in a TCP/IP Receive block results in an error
Instrument Control Toolbox 2716457 Intermittent read timeout warnings or errors using visadev
MATLAB 1732671 Writing to some HDF5 datasets using h5write crashes MATLAB
MATLAB 2402153 Screen reader does not work with Command History in MATLAB Online
MATLAB 2464830 Unable to clone a Git repository with submodules when the current folder contains a subfolder with the same name as a submodule
MATLAB 2525374 MATLAB issues warnings about missing fonts on startup on Mac OS 12
MATLAB 2561587 Debugging code that creates an object whose definition is invalid or P-coded could cause MATLAB to crash
MATLAB 2595082 MATLAB crashes under certain circumstances when working with docked figures in the Live Editor
MATLAB 2600295 Connecting to HTTP or FTP servers from MATLAB is slow
MATLAB 2603151 MATLAB may throw "Unrecognized function or variable 'Settings'" error on exit in -nodesktop mode
MATLAB 2608278 Missing line number in table indexing error messages
MATLAB 2613427 When running in batch mode, MATLAB sometimes shows a Java error message when shutting down
MATLAB 2625491 The Clean Missing Data task can generate plot code that produces an indexing error in the Live Editor.
MATLAB 2632401 Hyperlinks created in MATLAB R2021b that link to a location within the same document do not work in a previous version of MATLAB
MATLAB 2639150 Out-of-memory error for two-output call to svd in some cases
MATLAB 2654188 MATLAB crash at startup caused by an invalid preferences settings file
MATLAB 2654259 Error occurs when closing an App Designer app while execution is paused due to a call to uiwait in the startupFcn for the app
MATLAB 2662722 Using function syntax hints in a user-defined function can cause an error
MATLAB 2664337 When using a perpetual license, the License Borrowing UI does not allow you to borrow licenses for more than two days.
MATLAB 2665348 MATLAB might crash when it is launched in non interactive mode using -batch option
MATLAB 2674552 polarhistogram can produce a chart with overlapping bins
MATLAB 2677862 When comparing variables, the Comparison Tool might fail or use the wrong comparison type
MATLAB 2681865 Label UI components in a fitted grid layout manager might not appear
MATLAB 2682742 Error on Linux when working with HDF5 files on NFS4 network locations
MATLAB 2694085 Output to terminal is not displayed when calling disp or any other function displaying output from Java Engine
MATLAB 2696575 MATLAB fails to start with system version of Java on macOS
MATLAB 2701518 On Windows, the mwdocsearch.exe process is sometimes left running after MATLAB exits
MATLAB 2702279 MATLAB crash was reported at startup in the library libmwaddons_registry_core
MATLAB 2713165 Unrecognized function or variable error when displaying help in the MATLAB File Help window
MATLAB 2716444 web command not honoring System Web browser preference
MATLAB 2718807 Providing CodeCoveragePlugin with both the CoverageReport and CoberturaFormat objects might result in missing or inaccurate reports
MATLAB 2731043 Using the datatip function to create data tips for primitive graphics objects such as Image causes command line errors
MATLAB 2733125 Creating a Raspberry Pi connection fails in Desktop MATLAB
MATLAB 2733139 Raspberry Pi board is not discoverable in MATLAB Online
MATLAB Coder 2618298 When doing horizontal concatenation followed by vertical concatenation
MATLAB Coder 2625699 Code generated for dlarray indexing operations might produce incorrect answer
MATLAB Coder 2627872 Incorrect results might occur when comparing an unsigned variable with a signed constant
MATLAB Coder 2637470 UTF-8 characters outside of ASCII range emitted as unexpected characters
MATLAB Coder 2639831 Incorrect generated C/C++ code for constant MATLAB character vectors that includes both printable and non-printable characters
MATLAB Coder 2645251 Address of variable is passed to function twice at callsite
MATLAB Coder 2647398 Assertion failure when generating code with incompatible variable sized matrices and EnableImplicitExpansion is turned off
MATLAB Coder 2664416 Code generation might fail to produce an error if the output of an extrinsic function is assigned to a variable that holds an empty array
MATLAB Coder 2672004 Code generated for inpolygon might return answer different from MATLAB or cause MATLAB crash
MATLAB Coder 2680296 Code generation for yolov2ObjectDetector might fail for row-major layout
MATLAB Coder 2681332 MATLAB crash during "Check for Run-Time Issues" step in the MATLAB Coder app
MATLAB Coder 2691239 Code generated for ssdMergeLayer might produce incorrect answer if at least one of the input channel sizes not divisible by the layer property NumChannels
MATLAB Compiler 2619072 compiler.package.docker fails with an error "COPY failed" when the value stored in the USER environment variable has a backslash "\" in it
MATLAB Compiler 2620882 MATLAB Compiler does not package files associated with certain support packages
MATLAB Compiler 2685309 Deployed application instances generate segvs on 128 core Centos 7.x system
MATLAB Parallel Server 2636714 MATLAB Parallel Server jobs on Windows HPC Pack 2019 frequently appear failed on completion
MATLAB Report Generator 2622467 The default configuration of matlab.io.xml.dom.Parser with document type definitions (DTDs) is vulnerable to XML External Entity (XXE) attack
MATLAB Report Generator 2625710 Empty XPath context node might crash MATLAB
Mixed-Signal Blockset 2555139 Mixed-Signal Analyzer app does not import signals with alias name designated in Cadence ADE.
Mixed-Signal Blockset 2664570 Import operation in Mixed-Signal Analyzer app is highly time consuming.
Motor Control Blockset 2625019 Exporting PWM Reference Generator block to a version earlier than R2021b produces broken library link
Motor Control Blockset 2625882 The MTPA Control Reference block and the ACIM Control Reference block do not limit the negative Iq Reference output to the specified Max current
Navigation Toolbox 2696250 Error while launching the SLAM Map Builder app using the slamMapBuilder function when the session file is specified as a string
Parallel Computing Toolbox 2619526 Unable to use local cluster when username on Windows contains non-ASCII characters
Parallel Computing Toolbox 2631047 Local clusters are not supported in MATLAB Web App Server
Parallel Computing Toolbox 2708264 Jobs with diary output submitted from R2019b and earlier to a multi-release MATLAB Job Scheduler cluster hang in the 'running' state
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 2588870 Calling findNodes with a 3-D geometry where some of its face normals point inward crashes MATLAB(R)
Phased Array System Toolbox 2712880 phased.Platform and Motion Platform block errors out in MATLAB and Simulink with multiple custom trajectories
Polyspace Bug Finder 2620754 AUTOSAR-C++14 A2-7-3 false positive on documented declarations that are local to a function
Polyspace Bug Finder 2622018 Polyspace analysis fails when using standard headers on Unix systems
Polyspace Bug Finder 2622665 MISRA-C:2012 8.13 false positive when accessing data by using a local copy of a nonconst pointer parameter
Polyspace Bug Finder 2623758 MISRA-C:2012 20.7 false positive in variable declarations
Polyspace Bug Finder 2623774 MISRA-C:2012 14.2 false positive on second expression when loop counter comparison is done on an addition
Polyspace Bug Finder 2639582 Software Quality Objectives report shows incorrect PASS/FAIL statuses
Polyspace Bug Finder 2640373 Polyspace compilation issues when using compiler armclang
Polyspace Bug Finder 2645676 Polyspace Bug Finder might error during the Compilation part with the message: The process "ps_cxx_fe" received the signal 11
Polyspace Bug Finder 2661494 False positive violation of AUTOSAR-C++14 A5-2-2 when using C++ casts {}
Polyspace Bug Finder 2669421 AUTOSAR-C++14 A5-1-1 false positive on negative constant
Polyspace Bug Finder 2677178 Custom Rule 20.1 is incorrectly raised when the number of characters in a line is equal to the limit
Polyspace Bug Finder 2693088 AUTOSAR-C++14 A5-1-1 false positive on ranged-based for-loop
Polyspace Bug Finder 2699548 Polyspace-configure fails to detect the compiler on Windows, but detects a nonexistent executed program C:\Program.exe
Polyspace Bug Finder 2699978 polyspace-configure ignores diab compiler options file
Polyspace Code Prover 981978 Error ""@FFT: Invariant failure"" in level 0 causes verifications to fail
Radar Toolbox 2684257 Error when running an Earth-centered radar scenario with clutter generation and multiple surfaces
Reinforcement Learning Toolbox 2690824 UseDeterministicExploitation cannot be passed as a name-value pair input when constructing agent options
Requirements Toolbox 2426702 Loading requirement set unexpectedly loads additional requirement sets
Requirements Toolbox 2597970 Merge results in corrupted Requirement Set
Requirements Toolbox 2624497 The specified key is not present in this container error when trying to import requirements from IBM DOORS 9
Requirements Toolbox 2626349 Custom attribute values are deleted when you move a requirement by clicking and dragging
Requirements Toolbox 2637272 Closing a MATLAB project takes a long time when many link sets are open
RF Toolbox 2727329 Incorrect characteristic impedance computation of txlineStripline object
RoadRunner 2292850 Graphical issues in RoadRunner when opening on nonprimary monitor.
RoadRunner 2601688 Apollo Export: Lane 0 exported as inner neighbor for lanes with ids -1 and 1
RoadRunner 2621890 While importing from OpenDrive, guardrails and freeway gantries appear offset from source OpenDRIVE data
Robotics System Toolbox 2629496 Missing collision meshes for Universal Robots
Robotics System Toolbox 2639715 PickAndPlaceWorkflowInGazeboUsingPointCloudProcessingExample live script stalls
ROS Toolbox 2632466 Simulink model configured with concurrent execution and explicit task partitioning fails to generate ROS node
ROS Toolbox 2716989 The output from 'IsNew' port of ROS 2 Subscribe block stays true in code-generation
Satellite Communications Toolbox 2652897 Performance regression in access, link, and fieldOfView functions when using satellite scenario
SerDes Toolbox 2689612 Saved sessions containing CTLE cause exception in SerDes Designer app.
Signal Integrity Toolbox 2620240 Inaccurate eye area listed in the Time Domain tab of Signal Integrity Viewer app.
Signal Integrity Toolbox 2668761 In Wide Bus Sheets in Parallel Link Designer, SPICE simulations fail when Standard Load Sims checkbox is selected in Simulation Options.
Signal Processing Toolbox 2595261 Signal Analyzer and Signal Labeler show incorrect spectrogram plots for complex-valued signals longer than 1 million points
Signal Processing Toolbox 2660043 FVTool may show incorrect behavior when using the toolstrip or zooming
SimBiology 2644850 SimBiology projects saved with an empty plot between R2019b and R2020b do not load in later releases
SimBiology 2652851 Group-specific variants and doses are not included when copying a Fit Data program in SimBiology Model Analyzer
SimBiology 2672167 Incorrect simulation results for compartments when unit conversion is enabled
SimBiology 2696981 Sliders from the Explorer section might not be applied properly while running a Group Simulation program in SimBiology Model Analyzer
SimBiology 2697078 SimBiology Model Analyzer might show the subplots of confidence intervals in the wrong order
SimBiology 2701855 Fit result plots might label axes with group index number instead of group name or identifier
SimBiology 2702214 Unexpected error when selecting parameter or residual types to display for fit results in Simbiology Model Analyzer
SimBiology 2704045 Using group-specific variants in parameter estimation fails when computing confidence intervals of type bootstrap and profileLikelihood
SimBiology 2717172 MATLAB crashes when calling the visdiff function on SimBiology comparison result objects with deleted models
Simscape 2632867 MATLAB might stall during model update with Variant Connector and Simscape Bus block
Simscape 2640022 Linearization of Simscape model can return NaN
Simscape 2653389 MATLAB crashes during model update with Variant Connector, Simscape Bus and Variant Subsystem block with connection port
Simscape 2676356 Simscape compilation might fail with the error message "Invalid parameter type set" the first time a model is compiled or simulated
Simscape Electrical 2637417 Initialization error when using Hysteresis MAT files generated from Transformer Hysteresis Design Tool app in Simscape Electrical Specialized Power Systems
Simscape Fluids 2636972 Some gas blocks do not correctly update parameter visibility
Simscape Fluids 2696985 Unexpected effect of rotational velocity on pressure and force in the Rotating Single-Acting Actuator (IL) block
Simscape Fluids 2708506 The Rotating Cylinder Force (IL) block exerts force with the opposite mechanical orientation as indicated in the Actuator mechanical orientation parameter setting
Simscape Multibody 2638359 Possible simulation failure when a flexible body with three or more frames is part of a kinematic loop.
Simscape Multibody 2647104 MATLAB may crash if invalid inputs are given to the Grid Surface block
Simscape Multibody 2667436 MATLAB may crash if an invalid CAD File is input to a File Solid block and the Convex Hull output is selected.
Simscape Multibody 2673792 Reduced Order Flexible Solid block with ten or more interface frames gives erroneous results
Simulink 2461033 Incorrect output for export-function model in accelerator and rapid accelerator modes when logged signal or root Out Bus Element block uses union sample time
Simulink 2471890 Hidden block inserted to terminate signal logging might cause different results for normal mode simulation and code generation
Simulink 2478457 Simulation in Accelerator mode using an enabled subsystem and signals of non-matching data type sizes provides a wrong answer
Simulink 2484971 Incorrect results for referenced models that simulate in accelerator mode when nontunable mask parameter values change during simulation
Simulink 2583472 MATLAB might crash during code generation when a model contains a parameter with symbolic dimensions that has non-ASCII characters
Simulink 2583821 Warning might occur and data might not log to MAT file when model loads workspace data using Inport blocks
Simulink 2586806 Inconsistent simulation and code generation results when a periodic Function-Call Subsystem is inside an export-function model and the subsystem has blocks using absolute or elapsed time
Simulink 2590311 Model protection might delete some variables from data dictionaries
Simulink 2593836 Diagnostic viewer does not show output if the search box is open
Simulink 2598511 Atomic subsystems that output the same signal multiple times might produce incorrect results
Simulink 2598556 Updating model that has unset Sample time properties crashes Simulink
Simulink 2598972 Conditional pause set on a signal in a multi-instanced model reference might not work properly
Simulink 2606729 Incorrect results from C Function or C Caller blocks in For Each Subsystem blocks with masked parameters
Simulink 2609503 MATLAB crashes when running rapid accelerator simulation of model that has dashboard block connected to output of enabled subsystem
Simulink 2610360 Using mixed signal and message ports in the same reference component in an architecture model might produce incorrect error messages
Simulink 2615609 Incorrect results for accelerator and rapid accelerator simulations for models containing continuous integrator blocks with limits enabled and wide signals.
Simulink 2615864 Simulink.Bus.createObject function generates an error for an input structure that contains a timeseries object with a string
Simulink 2621992 Model Advisor block constraint checks might error when running on Stateflow charts
Simulink 2627867 In Signal Editor, graphically removing data points of Boolean data type does not work as expected
Simulink 2630921 Body of MATLAB Function block or MATLAB Function disappears when quickly navigating in and out of the MATLAB Function Block editor
Simulink 2630980 Loading the initial state in rapid accelerator for a model may error when a virtual bus only exists in the referenced model
Simulink 2633265 Clicking a link callback in a Simulink annotation that closes the currently active model might cause MATLAB to crash
Simulink 2635343 Incorrect normal-mode simulation results when a Variable Selector block is in a model that is referenced multiple times
Simulink 2640372 Incorrect simulation result might occur when using fixed point data type in S-Function Builder
Simulink 2646207 During fast restart or runtime update diagram, Simulink reports an error when replacing a Simulink.Signal object with another signal object with the same property values
Simulink 2647184 Selecting or mousing over a Simulink block might cause MATLAB to crash
Simulink 2648231 Inconsistent simulation and code generation results when input to log or log10 is negative
Simulink 2649857 Incorrect error during code generation of Variant Subsystem with startup variant activation time
Simulink 2650886 Switching the sort style of blocks in the standalone Library Browser when there is no library selected causes MATLAB to crash
Simulink 2654363 Performance degradation on model update when displaying execution order when referenced model has many blocks
Simulink 2655008 Multiple function-call signals driving through variant blocks may cause incorrect code generation
Simulink 2657314 The initial condition of an output port block may be ignored if the output port block is inside an inactive variant subsystem block.
Simulink 2658005 Root Inport Mapper freezes when saving MAT-file with same name as any variable in From Workspace link dialog box
Simulink 2658170 In Signal Editor, Draw Signal context menu stays visible even after clicking Close Draw Signal
Simulink 2661844 Cosmetic misalignment in comparison results for modified model configuration sets or internal test harnesses in published HTML reports
Simulink 2662753 Data type of Simulink.Parameter object might change when you tune its value using a dashboard block
Simulink 2665571 MinMax block might produce incorrect results in accelerator and rapid accelerator modes with NaN input and zero-crossing detection
Simulink 2670511 MATLAB crashes when you try to load half-precision data using the From File block
Simulink 2672174 Logging messages may produce incorrect time data when generating multitasking code for a model with messages and different sample times
Simulink 2675440 Continuous block inside model reference that uses local solver might generate wrong answer during normal mode simulation
Simulink 2677730 Root-level In Bus Element block with top-level virtual bus and nested nonvirtual bus might produce incorrect code
Simulink 2679432 Generating multi-instance code for a model with Message Merge block might cause a CGIR assertion error or MATLAB crash
Simulink 2680114 Exporting models with mixed datatypes in bus outputs as tool-coupling FMUs might produce incorrect simulation results
Simulink 2680153 Connecting a Message Triggered Subsystem block to a root Inport block might cause a MATLAB crash
Simulink 2682360 Renamed signal in Signal Editor not saved with correct name in MAT-file if signal dimension greater than 1
Simulink 2683630 Simulation results might be wrong for subsystems that have a Reinitialize Function block and Stateflow charts with Simulink states
Simulink 2693130 JMAAB check for jc_0641 reports incorrect warning for Delay and Trigger blocks
Simulink 2694553 Atomic subcharts with parameter mapping in hierarchy of models with For Each subsystem might cause MATLAB to crash
Simulink 2696359 Data defined in linked atomic subcharts might not access contents of a data dictionary
Simulink 2698995 JMAAB check for na_0001 displays incorrect warning for logical operations
Simulink 2699542 The Simulink Upgrade Advisor might hang for model hierarchies that contain test harnesses
Simulink 2702205 Error when opening Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System with Fault Logging example
Simulink 2704222 Export-function model called by branched function-call initiator might not provide expected diagnostics
Simulink 2705078 Model Advisor checks requiring Simulink Design Verifier analysis do not work when combined with other checks requiring extensive analysis when using Advisor.Application API
Simulink 2709161 Numerical error for output of lookup atan2 function in Trigonometric Function block with certain settings
Simulink 2711421 MATLAB crashes when loading a model that references a library that was saved before R2020b
Simulink 2716178 Consistency checking might incorrectly flag issues when using zero-crossing detection with a fixed-step solver
Simulink 2718833 Lookup Table Editor stalls when opening a masked lookup table
Simulink 2720704 MATLAB crashes when selecting a connection line connected to a library linked Variant Subsystem block
Simulink Check 2540383 JMAAB check for jc_0009 does not flag input signals across subsystem hierarchy
Simulink Check 2619243 Running a Model Advisor check multiple times with different input parameters using ModelAdvisor.run results in the check not running
Simulink Check 2621684 setCheckErrorSeverity() call for a Model Advisor object does not work when set to error
Simulink Check 2624304 Sub-check b of JMAAB check for jc_0121 does not flag when the Sum block is part of feedback loop
Simulink Check 2624994 JMAAB check for jc_0451 use of unary minus on Boolean is not detected
Simulink Check 2625745 JMAAB check for db_0129 does not report transition lines that overlap one another
Simulink Check 2626539 JMAAB check for db_0042 incorrectly flags hidden Simulink blocks
Simulink Check 2626591 The JMAAB check for jc_0602 reports Inport blocks with prefixes
Simulink Check 2626610 The JMAAB check for jc_0644 does not report Outport block
Simulink Check 2626620 JMAAB check for jc_0752 does not report warning for parentheses in condition actions
Simulink Check 2626628 The JMAAB check for jc_0641 does not report trigonometric function block
Simulink Check 2626638 The JMAAB check for jc_0641 reports Enable and Trigger blocks inside Subsystem blocks
Simulink Check 2627366 MISRA C:2012 check Check for unsupported block names does not report block names in inactive variant subsystems
Simulink Check 2627449 JMAAB check for jc_0009 gives incorrect result for signal connected to From block
Simulink Check 2629915 The JMAAB check for na_0004 reports blocks that are excluded
Simulink Check 2630004 The JMAAB check for na_0021, na_0031, and na_0037 are not available in JMAAB By Task folder
Simulink Check 2630066 JMAAB check for db_0125 does not report warning for data objects in State Transition Tables
Simulink Check 2631023 The JMAAB check for jc_0802 does not analyze Simulink Function inside Stateflow Chart
Simulink Check 2632011 Incorrect warning message when merging coverage results in the Model Testing Dashboard
Simulink Check 2632041 JMAAB check for db_0129 does not report transition lines that are diagonally oriented
Simulink Check 2634048 The JMAAB check for jc_0731 does not report use of slash in Stateflow state name
Simulink Check 2634137 JMAAB check for jc_0611 does not report warning for Product blocks with multiplication operators
Simulink Check 2634803 jc_0802 check not reporting comparison with literals
Simulink Check 2636355 jc_0732 check does not report Stateflow event names that match state names
Simulink Check 2636425 execute function returns uninformative error message when multiple artifacts are dirty
Simulink Check 2639199 The JMAAB check for jc_0501 reports warning for comments
Simulink Check 2639779 Sub-check a of JMAAB check for db_0146 incorrectly flags blocks inside linked-library blocks
Simulink Check 2662447 JMAAB check for db_0032 reports incorrect warning for signal lines
Simulink Check 2663795 JMAAB check for jc_0753 does not report Transition Actions not enclosed in curly braces
Simulink Check 2669272 JMAAB check for jm_0012 incorrectly flags syntax for events that are not local
Simulink Check 2669296 JMAAB check for jc_0627 displays abnormal exit warning for Discrete-Time Integrator blocks
Simulink Check 2684057 The JMAAB check for jc_0802 does not analyze enumerated data types correctly
Simulink Check 2705502 Model Advisor Exclusions menu does not get the correct block type for Stateflow blocks.
Simulink Coder 2499039 MATLAB might crash for models with an AUTOSAR mapping
Simulink Coder 2553295 Simulink Coder generates incorrect code for reusable subsystem with array of nonvirtual Bus Element inputs
Simulink Coder 2609103 Unnecessary .lib and .exp files created in code generation folder when building model reference simulation target on Windows
Simulink Coder 2610896 undefined reference compilation failure when building model reference hierarchy with MinGW
Simulink Coder 2621346 Connected Switch and Scope blocks produces error in XCP-based external mode simulation
Simulink Coder 2623192 Incorrect results might occur for models containing custom TLC S-function blocks
Simulink Coder 2623891 If target.Processor object is added to internal database in R2021a, target package functions cannot be used after upgrade to R2021b, R2022a, or R2022b
Simulink Coder 2679937 An atomic subsystem with no inports or outports and containing a referenced model may crash during code generation
Simulink Coder 2687713 Code generation fails if two different blocks load the same deep learning network containing a custom layer
Simulink Compiler 2593093 Clicking "Save to standalone FMU" shows an error when the parameter is a struct with unsupported data type.
Simulink Control Design 2586533 MATLAB may crash when linearizing a model that contains a block substitution within a multi-instanced model reference hierarchy
Simulink Coverage 2615381 Code coverage might provide wrong coverage values on first run
Simulink Coverage 2635868 Model with custom code or simulated in SIL or PIL mode shows incorrect decision coverage in specific cases
Simulink Coverage 2637454 MATLAB might throw an error when applying a coverage filter
Simulink Coverage 2655594 Aggregating coverage data for model and subsystem harnesses might error
Simulink Coverage 2677329 Generating a coverage report for a harness model containing a truth table block might cause an error
Simulink Coverage 2707456 Assignment statements in C charts might have incorrect number of condition coverage objectives
Simulink Coverage 2713025 Simulink Coverage does not report the implicit default case as a decision outcome
Simulink Design Verifier 2394356 Poorly formatted Iteration names and Excel tab names when generated test cases are exported to Simulink Test
Simulink Design Verifier 2476025 Coverage objectives incorrectly reported as Unsatisfiable or Dead Logic inside reachable MATLAB function
Simulink Design Verifier 2580839 Stubbed constructs are incorrectly treated as returning the same value each time they are called in that time step
Simulink Design Verifier 2598436 Generate Tests in Simulink Design Verifier simulates the model before generating tests
Simulink Design Verifier 2599554 Simulink Design Verifier compatibility check fails for models having custom code location specified using relative paths
Simulink Design Verifier 2605515 Compatibility check fails for models containing Stateflow chart with grouped states and Data Store Memory access
Simulink Design Verifier 2610113 Design Verifier compatibility check fails for a multi-rate model containing bus element ports
Simulink Design Verifier 2611212 Compatibility check and block replacement API fails with error about incorrect block execution priorities for models with Initialize Functions and model references
Simulink Design Verifier 2611345 Expected output field may not be present in the Simulink Design Verifier results for model having output ports as n-dimensional vector
Simulink Design Verifier 2619788 Compatibility check for Software-in-the-Loop (SIL) test generation analysis fails
Simulink Design Verifier 2627566 Analysis may terminate without producing results when performing Test Generation with LongTestcases strategy
Simulink Design Verifier 2627596 Lookup Table Dynamic block using Simulink.AliasType objects might be unnecessarily stubbed during analysis
Simulink Design Verifier 2646336 Incorrect diagnostic error message during compatibility check
Simulink Design Verifier 2662482 Incorrect Unsatisfiable objectives for MCDC objectives where the overall condition is always false
Simulink Design Verifier 2667523 Simulink Design Verifier may incorrectly show Incompatible for models with arrays of complex numbers as output or input to function calls
Simulink Design Verifier 2671059 Loss of test objectives when performing test case generation in C/C++ S-Functions and Simulink Custom Code blocks
Simulink Design Verifier 2673489 MATLAB might crash for models with multiple callsites of the same function or system object analyzed by Simulink Design Verifier
Simulink Design Verifier 2687987 Incorrect results with Run additional analysis to reduce instances of rational approximation when Enable timer optimizations is selected
Simulink Design Verifier 2695061 Incorrect SldvData with option Include expected outputs selected and with signals enabled for logging
Simulink Design Verifier 2713230 Design Verifier incorrectly reports design errors in IRT Subsystems and System Objects as Valid
Simulink Design Verifier 2715256 Analysis terminates with an Internal error in Simulink Design Verifier abstract interpretation back end message
Simulink Design Verifier 2715948 Compatibility check on an Atomic subsystem of a top model fails when parameter configuration is Automatically infer parameter specification or Determine from generated code
Simulink Design Verifier 2733374 MATLAB crashes when Simulink Design Verifier generated test cases are exported to Simulink Test.
Simulink PLC Coder 2665392 Excessive array expression hoisting when generating PLC code
Simulink Real-Time 2374172 Update target computer generates Java FTP exception
Simulink Real-Time 2570528 Import of File Log data from a target computer can report errors
Simulink Real-Time 2606125 Some Simscape models might crash target computer
Simulink Real-Time 2622487 App Designer MLAPP file may be corrupted by a custom component that contains an SLRT System Log component
Simulink Real-Time 2651234 Simulink Real-Time simulation may produce an error if Measure function execution times is selected
Simulink Test 2492576 Saving model with test harnesses and immediately closing it might crash MATLAB
Simulink Test 2622612 Multirelease equivalence tests with incomplete first simulation produce passing results
Simulink Test 2633552 Simulink Test Manager incorrectly reports test failure when using verify keyword
Simulink Test 2692225 Normal simulation mode is displayed instead of SIL or PIL in Test Manager results
Simulink Test 2696409 Create Test for Model Component wizard creates baseline test case instead of simulation test case
Simulink Test 2697444 Observing message routing blocks produces no message data
Simulink Test 2721688 Creating test harness for Subsystem model with Requirements Table block produces an error
Simulink Test 2722719 Recovered Stateflow Charts block inserted in model when test harness created for Subsystem Reference block
Stateflow 2552935 Attempting to access an undefined custom code global array variable in a Stateflow chart might crash MATLAB
Stateflow 2579898 Incorrect Stateflow animation displayed for multi-instanced model reference
Stateflow 2621981 Assertion error when using custom code in relational expressions
Stateflow 2656049 SFStudio.internal.variantTransitionRF error when selecting a transition in Stateflow
Stateflow 2680663 Unexpected results using absolute time temporal logic when using a large temporal logic threshold
Stateflow 2685275 Stateflow chart hard codes some size information of non-scalar symbolic dimension
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox 2645701 fscchi2 and fsrftest might cause MATLAB to crash when data that is neither double nor single is passed
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox 2677891 The generated MATLAB function is missing training code for a model loaded from a saved session in Classification Learner or Regression Learner
Symbolic Math Toolbox 2723371 The ilaplace function might omit a heaviside factor in some transformation results
System Composer 2619549 Exporting a System Composer model by using the systemcomposer.exportModel function might produce an error
System Composer 2646629 When inspecting component ports during simulation, MATLAB may crash
System Composer 2662942 Inlining interface and subcomponents of a reference component in a software architecture may cause MATLAB to crash
System Composer 2663618 After loading a System Composer model, this error appears: Uniqueness Violation
System Composer 2690010 The increaseExecutionOrder and decreaseExecutionOrder functions only temporarily modify the execution order
System Composer 2732940 MATLAB might crash when applying a stereotype using the applyStereotype function
System Identification Toolbox 2670439 The Model output plot of the System Identification app may show the model response with zero initial conditions rather than estimated initial conditions
Vehicle Network Toolbox 1815900 MATLAB crashes when using a DBC-file that contains inconsistencies
Vehicle Network Toolbox 2627593 J1939 Transmit block does not inherit discrete sample time
Wavelet Toolbox 2647616 Signal Multiresolution Analyzer does not update frequencies for all decompositions when Time is changed
Wavelet Toolbox 2681292 Signal Multiresolution Analyzer crashes MATLAB on mouse movement while panning or zooming across multiple axes
Wireless HDL Toolbox 2653151 Generated HDL code for RS Decoder block includes a combinational loop


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Content updated: June 8, 2022