R2022b Prerelease Key Known Issues

Help Center Performance

Description: Reference lists (Example, Functions, Blocks, Apps) are slow to display with the updated Help Center design, and the pages do not consistently show progress indicators.

There are inconsistencies in the display of Help Center based on if you are viewing installed documentation or documentation on the web. If you are viewing documentation on the web, the Help Center landing page is the R2022a version and the reference list landing pages display the R2022b version of the page before re-rendering the R2022a version.

Workaround: None

MATLAB Web App Server: Installation on Windows

Description: The MATLAB Web App Server fails installation on Windows.

Workaround: None

MATLAB Wep App Server: Applications are non-performant on Linux/OS X

Description: Applications run very slow on Linux and OS X due to a bug which prevents the applications to use websockets.

Workaround: None

Wireless Testbench: Network Configuration on Windows

Description: In the radio setup wizard for the Wireless Testbench Support Package for NI USRP, the network configuration panel cannot be completed as the Next button is greyed out. This means that the host-radio link cannot be set up. This may occur on non-English language Windows machines.

Workaround: None

Wireless Testbench: Hardware setup validation fails on some Linux hosts

Description: On some Linux machines, the radio setup wizard for the Wireless Testbench Support Package for NI USRP will fail during the final validation step. This is due to third party libraries failing to load.

Workaround: In every MATLAB session, call the following two lines of code. The second line may take some time to complete.

[~] = help("clib.wt_uhd");

Image Acquisition Toolbox: Acquiring images from GigE Vision® 2.0 cameras

Description: Images acquired from GigE Vision 2.0 cameras might be corrupted. In some cases, acquiring images from GigE Vision 2.0 cameras might cause MATLAB to crash.

Workaround: Contact Technical Support to resolve this issue.

For more information on bugs potentially fixed in the prerelease, view the Bug Reports.


If you have any questions, please submit a service request or call Technical Support at 508-647-7000.

Content updated: June 8, 2022

R2022b Prerelease

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