Discontinued Support for MATLAB Parallel Cloud

MATLAB Parallel Cloud will be discontinued in December 2018. As an alternative, use Cloud Center to scale MATLAB applications and Simulink models to the cloud. 

Cloud Center Compared to MATLAB Parallel Cloud

What is better:

  • Cloud Center can provide access to larger customizable clusers, which can also include GPUs.
  • The cost for equivalent resources is less with Cloud Center.

What is the same:

  • The license for MATLAB Parallel Cloud can be used with Cloud Center.
  • Support for the latest four versions of MATLAB.

What is different:

  • MathWorks bills you for software use. On-demand will be billed at the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server on-demand rate.
  • Amazon Web Services bills you for cloud resources use. You will need an Amazon Web Services account with access to compute capacity beyond the free tier in order to use Cloud Center.

What happens when MATLAB Parallel Cloud is discontinued?

You will not be able to use the "MATLAB Parallel Cloud" profile with Parallel Computing Toolbox, and you will not be able to access MATLAB Parallel Cloud from any MATLAB release.

After it is discontinued, how can I retrieve data I had stored with my MATLAB Parallel Cloud clusters?

Your data stored in MATLAB Drive will still be available to you through other MATLAB Drive interfaces.


If you have questions or need assistance retrieving your data, please contact us.