Spreadsheet Link (for Microsoft Excel)


Spreadsheet Link (for Microsoft Excel)

Use MATLAB from Microsoft Excel

Excel Spreadsheet Add-in

Interactively access MATLAB capabilities from the MATLAB group menu in Excel.

MATLAB Functions in Microsoft Excel

Execute built-in and custom functions in MATLAB directly from Excel or via Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Macros.

Exchanging Data Between Excel and MATLAB

Transfer data between Excel and MATLAB in both directions using the MATLAB group menu in Excel, VBA macros, or the Spreadsheet Link toolbar.

“When you deal with numbers all day and work with sophisticated analytical models, having an integrated environment is invaluable. With MATLAB we visualize data, conduct back-testing, and plot graphs to see the results of changes we make, all in one environment, and that saves time.”

Simone Visonà, A2A