Automated Driving

6. Creating Junctions

Using RoadRunner, you can generate road networks with junctions for use in traffic simulation environments. This module describes how you can create junctions automatically or manually and signalize intersections.

Video length is 2:31


  • Create new roads that intersect existing roads to automatically form junctions.
  • Manually create junctions from the ends of multiple roads using the Custom Junction Tool.
  • Add pedestrian crossings to junctions using the Crosswalk and Stop Line Tool.
  • Signalize intersections and view traffic light phases using the Signal Tool.


  • Create a junction for two intersecting roads with multiple lanes in each direction and signalize it.

Tip: Select a complex road, such as Main Street Center Turn, from the RoadStyles folder in the RoadRunner Asset Library.

Tip: Using the Sidewalk Height Tool, right-click to make cuts on the curb and sidewalk lanes, then adjust their height separately.

Modifying junction corners with the Corner Tool and Sidewalk Height Tool.


Learn how to design 3D road scenes for testing automated driving systems through the interactive course, Designing 3D Scenes with RoadRunner.