MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Communication

MATLAB/Simulink for Digital Communication

Written for students and engineers, this book provides a reference for studying communication systems. The aim of the book is to help readers understand the concepts, techniques, terminologies, equations, and block diagrams appearing in other books while using MATLAB to simulate various communication systems. Topics covered include Fourier analysis, probability and random processes, analog-to-digital conversion, information and coding, and spread-spectrum systems.

MATLAB, Simulink, DSP System Toolbox, and Communications System Toolbox are used throughout the book to solve numerous application examples. In addition, a supplemental set of MATLAB code files is available for download.

About This Book

Won Y. Yang
Yong S. Cho
Jeong W. Lee
Won G. Jeon
Jong H. Paik
Jae K. Kim
Mi-Hyun Lee
Kyu I. Lee
Kyung W. Park
Kyung S. Woo

A-Jin Publishing Co., Ltd., 2009

ISBN: 978-89-5761-278-1
Language: English

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