Help Make MATLAB Even Better - Frequently Asked Questions

You can help improve MATLAB by providing user experience information on how you use MathWorks products. Your participation ensures that you are represented and helps us design better products. You can opt in or out of this service either during installation or by going to MATLAB preferences.

1. What happens when I opt in to allow MathWorks to capture user experience information?
When you opt in to send user experience information, MATLAB automatically collects information about each MATLAB session and sends it to MathWorks over a secure internet connection.

2. What type of information is collected?
MathWorks collects information that will inform the development of future features. This includes: basic computer information, such as hardware characteristics and operating system; product and feature information; and errors encountered while using MATLAB. Your content, and information about the content within your files, is not shared with MathWorks.

3. How do I benefit from allowing MathWorks to collect user experience information?
The information you provide directly contributes to the design and development of MathWorks products. The information is combined with customer feedback MathWorks has gathered from usability tests, surveys, and field research. It helps us prioritize product improvements and features to meet your needs.

4. Will my system be slower if I opt in?
Opting in does not slow down your system or MATLAB performance. MATLAB automatically collects information in the background and sends it over the Internet.

5. Will I receive spam if I opt in?
You will not receive spam based on your participation in this program. MathWorks may contact you with follow-up questions to better understand your usage of MathWorks products. For more information, see the MathWorks Privacy Policy.

6. If I choose to participate, can I opt out later?
Yes. You can choose to opt in or out at any time by changing your MATLAB preferences.