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Integrated Project Management Tool for Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems

By Sergio Tamayo, Stacey Gage, and Gavin Walker, MathWorks

This paper presents an integrated approach for the development of complex aerospace systems. The commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solution provides tooling to simplify the consolidation of collaborative efforts from diverse research, development, and test groups in the implementation of simulation models. The software described in this paper, Simulink Projects, is based on MATLAB® and Simulink® and is intended to increase the efficiency of a workflow involving several teams or individuals. This efficiency is achieved through a unified graphical interface that enables the project manager and members of the development team to componentize the project model and assign tasks and files to specific teams or engineers. To better illustrate the scope of this technique, a case study for a complex aerospace model based on the HL-20 personnel launch system is provided.

This paper was presented at the AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conference.

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Published 2012

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