Hardware Support

CSS Electronics CANedge Data Logger Support from Vehicle Network Toolbox

Analyze data from CSS Electronics data loggers in MATLAB.

Vehicle Network Toolbox supports accessing data from CSS Electronics data loggers that store data in MDF (MF4) format, such as the CANedge1, CANedge2, and CANedge3 loggers. You can download the contents of the SD card to your computer that is running MATLAB, or if you have pushed the data from your logger to the cloud, then you can access the data directly from the cloud location, such as an Amazon® S3™ bucket. Use the MDF import features to bring the data into MATLAB for analysis.

With the CSS Electronics data logger support, you can perform the following tasks in MATLAB:

  • Finalize MDF files
  • View channel group metadata in MDF files
  • Decode CAN or CAN FD messages in MDF files using DBC database definitions
  • Work with a large MDF file or multiple MDF files using mdfDatastore

Platform Support

Available on 64-bit Windows, and 64-bit Linux only.

CSS Electronics CANedge 2 data logger.

CSS Electronics CANedge2 data logger.