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Antenna Catalog

Antenna elements, backing structures, parametrized geometry visualization, antenna design, dielectrics

Antenna Toolbox™ provides libraries of different kinds of antennas. Use these antennas to create finite and infinite arrays. Improve the performance of your antenna with the help of backing structures such as reflectors or cavities. Use dielectrics in Antenna Toolbox to understand the effect of substrates as antenna materials.

For a complete list of antenna catalog elements, see Antenna Element Catalog.

  • Cavity Antennas
    Rectangular and circular cavity
  • Cone Antennas
    Bicone, discone,strip bicone, and strip discone
  • Dielectrics
    Dielectric substrate selection and parameterization
  • Dipole Antennas
    Meander and folded dipoles, bowties, biquad
  • Fractal Antennas
    Sierpinski gasket and carpet, Koch dipole and snowflake and, Minkowski's Island
  • Helix Antennas
    Monofilar, bifilar and quadrafilar helix antennas with and without ground plane
  • Horn Antennas
    Rectangular, conical, corrugated, and ridged horn antennas
  • Loop Antennas
    Circular and rectangular loop
  • Monopole Antennas
    Monopole and top-hat monopole, inverted and coplanar inverted antennas, custom monopole
  • Other Antennas
    Yagi-Uda, sector antenna, cloverleaf, phantom head analysis,birdcage
  • Patch Antennas
    Rectangular, elliptical, triangular, and circular probe-fed patch, inset-fed rectangular patch, e-notch and h-notch patch
  • Reflector Antennas
    Gregorian, cassegrain, and rectangular, circular, grid, cylindrical, parabolic, and corner reflectors
  • Slot Antennas
    Slot, vivaldi, antipodal vivaldi
  • Spiral Antennas
    Archimedean, rectangular, and equiangular spiral
  • Waveguides
    Rectangular, conical, circular, and ridge waveguides

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